New Reservation/Calendar Page

This will be our new reservation page. It uses Google Sheets. They’re currently marked as Private, so only authorized people can modify it. To get access, email Prakx at [email protected] . (Note: you need a Gmail address)

This page will be used to View the Reservations.  If you want to Edit them, then you can use the links below:

Dear Encoders:Please Read The New Rules And Follow It….Thanks

Note 1: Prakx finished this about a month ago, but I kept on putting it on hold because of other issues, so it might be a little out of date. You might have to update it.

Note 2: We are adding some new rules:

  • Rule #1 (Update): You may only two resolutions per encoder.
  • Rule #2: If a drama/movie has already been posted beforehand, it can not be reserved.

Note 3: We have added a new sheet for Neglected Reservations that have been dropped or ones that have been ignored for too long. If any encoder want to take over such reservations if not I (owais) will take it, then post the name of the drama/movie, the name of the person who originally reserved it, and your name.




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