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Thread: Chinese wuxia drama 2016

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    Chinese wuxia drama 2016

    Anyone know good wuxia drama which is recently released or currently airing, which worth to watch? Just done with Legend Of Qin and getting more intense to watch more lol

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    The Legend of Zu?

    Oh and have you watch The Journey of Flower?? I like the drama a lot though it's more like xianxia rather than wuxia (I like xianxia better). The Journey of Flower will make you love and hate the male lead, trust me

    Have you watched The Four? The drama vers? Imo, it was okay in the beginning but gets ridiculous near the middle, but that's only my opinion. Other people may like it.

    And I don't know if it's wuxia because I didn't actually watch it. But a lot of people do and it got good reviews. It's 'Nirvana in Fire'.
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    The legend of ancient sword

    Xuan yuan sword (Actor is Hu Ge)

    Noble aspiration (currently airing)

    Ice fantasy (currently airing)

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    if u r truly want wuxia then try

    Return of the Condor Heroes 2006

    demi god semi devils 2003

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