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Thread: Currently watching?

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    Currently watching?

    Well, simple question: which jdrama are you watching these days?

    There are so many worth watching, so let us know: why did you choose that one? Are you enjoining it? And what's so good about it?
    I don't want to miss a good jdrama just because I never heard about it, so please recommend

    As for me, I'm currently watching Okitegami Kyoko no Biboroku
    Yui Aragaki is one of my favorite actress, so at first I went for it just because of her, but actually it's a very good jdrama and well balanced: comedy, romance, mistery, crime (pretty surreal cases, uhuh). Both main characters are nice and kinda funny (she's determinated, but her memory resets every time she falls asleep, and he is a honest guy, but is always haunted by bad luck). Most of all, I love the way their weird relationship gradually evolve. Yesterday I was watching episode 8 and really, ending was so bittersweet that my heart had a pang.

    Watch it! Steamboy recommends!!

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    Dr. Brain.

    Honestly I don't dig Jdramas that much. My personal preference is this C dramas > Jdramas > Wall > Kdramas (though I do enjoy kmusic). Anyway, Dr. Brain kind of change that for me!

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