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Thread: Post Your First Message Here

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    Exclamation Post Your First Message Here

    When users first register on this site, their User Group will be Infant Registered User. Almost all of the privileges have been denied except for posting messages. The purpose of this is to prevent spammers from creating threads.

    All you have to do is post something here. It can be anything from a welcome message to something simple like "testing". After you post a message you'll be promoted to Registered User, which will grant you the ability to create threads among other things.

    Note: You will NOT be promoted immediately. vBulletin has been set so that it'll run the promotion script every 10 minutes. For example, if the current time is 11:08 AM, then you'll have to wait two minutes for the script to run at 11:10 AM. If it's 12:41 PM, then you'll have to wait 9 minutes. Running the script every one minute was not recommended.

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    I am glad the forum is here .

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    Hey, please read my thread...

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    Hi I'm a New Joiner to the Forum

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    hello. great to b here..

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    testing, hello everyone...

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