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We decided to open oursite to donations again, but this time we’re going to do things differently. The last two times we used Paypal to accept donations. However, both of those accounts were permanently frozen due to breach of agreement. This time, we’re going to use Bitcoins.

A lot of you probably don’t even have Bitcoin Wallets/Purses. i'll tell you how it can be done easily.


1-go here xcoins.io Paypal Supported or localbitcoins if your country is not supported and sign up:

1-sign up.jpg

2-after that you will receive confirmation email :


3-Enter the Password:


4-Select your country

5-Enter the mobile No

6-Enter the code you received via mobile

7-Select what method you prefer

Thats it.

when making donation contact me

If you have any questions or comments post below it