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Thread: A list of dead Drama and SP

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    Default A list of dead Drama and SP

    in fact the dead links become like a list so i had a part of it here
    sorry for all troubles and thank u, really thank u for everything

    sorry again

    im putting the rest of links here just as well.
    Im honestly saying this, i feel so bad about this looooooooong list, but i just dont know what to do, i tried every link and became sure they are all dead, i even tried to find these series in other sites so i wont bother u by re uploading them, but i couldn't find many of them, so i put their links here, in order they would become re uploaded whenever it was possible for u, i would wait as long as it takes so please forgive me for all trouble.
    im sincerely sorry and grateful.
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    Control Hanzai Shinri Sousa (2011) (J-Drama) Re-Uploaded
    Daisuki!! (J-Drama) (2008) Re-Uploaded
    Gachi Baka! (J-Drama) (2006) Re-Uploaded
    Gakeppuchi no Eri (2010) (J-Drama) Re-Uploaded
    Hanawake no Yon Shimai (J-Drama) (2011) Re-Uploaded
    The Lightning Tree (J-Movie) (2010) Re-Uploaded
    Katagoshi no Koibito (J-drama) (2007) Re-Uploaded
    Koi ni Ochitara (J-Drama) (2005) Re-Uploaded
    Kumo no Kaidan (J-Drama) (2013) Re-Uploaded
    Summer Nude (J-Drama) (2013) Re-Uploaded
    Suzuki Sensei (J-Drama) (2011) Re-Uploaded
    Suzuki Koji : Real Horror (SP) (J-Drama) (2015) Re-Uploaded

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