Hi all,

Currently, we have our backup files on Amazon Drive. However, last year, Amazon discontinued their unlimited plan and now their prices are too high. As a result, we need to transfer our files elsewhere. The only unlimited place available is G Suite.

Normally, G Suite costs about $10/month. However, they also have G Suite Education which offers "free unlimited" cloud storage for students K-12 and higher education (universities).


What we need is someone who is a student to sign up and provide us with G Suite account so we can continue to backup our files.

As for the risk to yourselves, there practically is none. The worst that could happen is that the would delete the G Suite account, but there's nothing else they could do.

Basically, practically anyone who is a student qualifies:


If you're in K-12, then your school probably hasn't signed up for G Suite Education. However, if you're a university student, there's a good chance that they have signed up.

You can find more info about signing up over here: