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What is the purpose of Dorama x264?
There are tons of other dorama sites.  However, a lot of the episodes range from 350MB to 700MB.  Nowadays, you’ll even see 720p episodes that are over 1.5GB.  There are a lot of people who have slow internet connections and don’t want to spend an entire day or two downloading 1.5GB of data just for 42 minutes of viewing pleasure.  Furthermore, there are people who download lots of dorama, but have limited hard drive space available.  That’s where Dorama x264 comes in.  We spend our time downloading those big files and re-encoding them to a smaller size around 150MB-200MB, while maintaining most of the quality.  Bottom line, our purpose is to make it so that everyone can easily download dorama.

How did Dorama x264 come to be?
The best way to explain this is that we wanted to come up with something new that is done by drama fans for drama fans.  There are other sites that provide re-encoded dorama, but their main focus is anime.  To them, dorama is just an “accessory.”  We wanted to make a site that focuses on re-encoded dorama.  As a result, Dorama x264 was born.

What makes Dorama x264 different from any other site?
That’s pretty simple, the drama series that we provide are re-encoded to a smaller size (MB). In other words, instead of downloading 700mb for each episode, we re-encoded them to 150mb while maintaining most of the quality.  So, this site is mainly for people with slow internet connection or for others who want to save space on their hard drives or both.
Furthermore, we don’t have any ads or popups.  And finally, all of our drama series will be available on both Megaupload and Mediafire.

Did you guys make this site to earn money?
When Dorama x264 was first created we talked about the money side and none of us felt it was important.  The only thing we care about is giving only the best to fans around the world of Asian dramas, you can’t put a price on making someone happy who has been looking for encoded dramas. Plus we don’t have any ads or popups that other sites do. We do have a donation button and any/all donations will be used to improve this site.

How do you pay for your site if you don’t have any income?
Currently, we’re just using our own money.

Where can I request doramas?
You can request dorama here, but be sure to read and follow the rules posted there:

How long do i need to wait for a request to be done?
If it’s an ongoing series, then we will have things uploaded a day or two after the subs are released. (note: sometimes, it takes over a week after the raw is released for the subs to be released)
If it’s a request for a completed dorama, then the time it takes will depend on the number of episodes as well as the author’s capabilities (speed of his computer and internet).  In other words, the time it takes varies from person to person.

How can I become an encoder?
First, register as a member,  then look over this tutorial so that you can get a better understanding of what it takes to re-encode videos.  Here’s the tutorial link doramax264.com/simple-forum/tutorials/. If you still want to become an encoder, then provide your username in this thread:

Can you subtitle a series?
No, we are not fansubbers, so we can’t subtitle a series.

Your listing is incorrect, who should I contact?
Contact the author of the listing and tell him the problem.


What do I do with videos that have the extension, part01.rar and part02.rar?
Just use WinRAR or some other compression tool to extract.  It will take care of the rest.

What do I do with downloads that have the extension 001 or 002?

Use www.hjsplit.org/windows/ to combine them.

What do I do if a video download says “Temporarily Unavailable”?
You can try using jdwonloader to download it, but that won’t always work.  All you can really do is wait for it.  However, there are times when it stays like that for over a week.  If that happens then inform the author of the listing of the situation.

One of the links is not working, what should I do?
Contact the author of the listing and tell him what the problem is and with which dorama, along with the URL of the page.

Can you mirror the files to a different host?
Put simply, no.

Do I have to register to download your links?

How can I download from your site?
We recommend using jdownloader:
(Note: if you use Firefox, then this Addon should come in handy: addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/copy-link-url/ )

What do I do if the links are broken (dead)?

Contact the author of the listing with the URL of the page and tell him/her the problem.

Can I copy and paste your links to another site?
No, all of the links are to remain on this website.  Our staff works hard to download HQ videos > re-encode them > and upload them to give you only the best, so we would appreciate it if you did not post them on other sites.  However, feel free to post a link to our site.


Are your videos hardsubbed or softsubbed?
The majority of the videos here are hardsubbed.  However, some of them are softsubbed.  It really depends on the author and/or fansubber.

Which format do you use for your videos?
Some of us use MP4 others use MKV, but the format varies from encoder to encoder.

Which media player should I use?
We recommend Media Player Classic.

I received a codec error, what should I do?

Install K-Lite Codecs:

What should I do if the audio/video is out of sync?
Contact the author of the listing with the URL of the page and tell him/her the problem.

The quality for some of the videos is somewhat poor, can you re-encode them to make them better?

Some of the videos are fairly old. Furthermore some of them are just TVRips or VCDrips. In other words, the source of the videos is what’s really poor and we cant make our encoded videos better then the source.

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