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Calendar | Reservation

This page will serve two purposes: 1) It will be a Calendar showing which day of the week episodes are released for a specific drama series. (Note: it takes time for us encoders to download, re-encode, and upload just one episode; not to mention updating a listing, so wait at least 48 hours after an episode has been broadcast before asking, “What’s taking so long?”. 2) It will also serve as a Reservation Thread. So, if you (an encoder) want to reserve an upcoming drama series, just edit the calendar and post your username next to series/movies. CALENDAR (RESERVATION IS BELOW CALENDAR)
Note : For Encoders, update carefully, don’t mess up anything.
PS: Recommending to use Full Screen (View > Full Screen) while editing.

Ongoing Dramas

Day(s) Drama Type Release Date Ep. Encoder
Monday & Tuesday Cheese in the Trap / Cheese in the Trap K-Drama 27.10.2015 2016 16 Memnun
Monday & Tuesday Moorim School /Murim Hakwon / Murim School / martial arts school 12.01.2016 2016 16 Memnun
Monday & Tuesday Six-Headed Dragon Narsha/Six Flying Dragons K-Drama 05.10.2015 50 Memnun
Wednesday & Thursday Please Come Back, Ajusshi /Goodbye My Beloved One / K-Drama 24.20.2016 16 Memnun
Wednesday & Thursday Goodbye Mr. Black K-Drama 16.09.2015 16 Memnun
Saturday-Sunday Awl K-Drama 10.26.2015 16 Memnun
Wednesday & Thursday Descendants of the Sun K-Drama 24.09.2015 36 Memnun
Friday-Saturday D-Day / Soul Disaster/ D Day K-Drama 19.09.2015 20 Memnun
Saturday & Sunday Sil / Jang Young Sil /Jang Yeong-Sil K-Drama 01.01.2014 50 Memnun
Saturday & Sunday Mrs Cop 2 K-Drama 06.03.2016 20 MEmnun
Daily Land Of Gold K-Drama 06.01.2014 100+ elinor
Daily Mother’s Garden K-Drama 17.03.2014 100+ Elinor
Daily Everything Kimchi K-Drama 07.04.2014 100+ Elinor
Daily Cheongdamdong Seukaendeul K-Drama 21.07.2014 100+ Elinor
Daily My Dear Cat K-Drama 09.07.2014 100+ Elinor
Daily Women’s Secret K-Drama 27.06.2016 100+ Elinor
Make a Woman Cry K-Drama 50 Mahdigh
Mondays Apple In Your Eye TW-Drama 04.08.2014 14 elinor
Fridays Lovestore At The Corner TW-Drama 08.04.2014 N/A elinor
Sundays Say I Love You TW-Drama 15.06.2014 16 elinor
Daily Tie the Knot TW-Drama 28.05.2014 75 ImSunRyeong
Saturdays The Way We Were TW-Drama 19.07.2014 15 elinor
Wish and Switch C-Drama Mahdigh
Mondays Cyzo woman / Koinaka J-Drama 16.07.2015 TBA Memnun
Wednesdays Aibou Season 13 J-Drama October 14th TBA Lilmanjs
Fridays J-Drama 10.04.15 10
Tuesdays Ghost Writer J-Drama 13.01.15 10 Tavares
Saturdays J-Drama 17.04.2015 TBA
Thursdays Kaze no Toge J-Drama 15.01.15 6 Tavares
Saturdays Genkai Shuraku Kabushikigaisha J-Drama 31.01.15 5 Tavares
House of Bluebird / Bluebird’s House K-Drama 50 mahdigh
Fridays Fuben na Benriya J-Drama 10.04.15 12 Lilmanjs
Saturday Honto ni Atta Kowai Hanashi J-Drama 29.08.15 HenMaA
Sunday Onmyoji

Upcoming K-Dramas

Day of Week Drama Release Date Ep. Encoder
TBA KBS Drama Special ~ “Joint Security Area” Remake Late 2014 8 Raiona
TBA Vampire Prosecutor ~ Season 3 Early 2015 N/A Raiona
N/A Prisoners of war / Homeland ~ Remake Early 2015 N/A Raiona
N/A Magic Lamp 2015 N/A Memnun
TBA Cold Case 2015 N/A Farah
N/A Selection [Webdrama] N/A N/A Farah
TBA Liar Game Season 2 2015 Farah
TBA Let’s Eat Season 3 2016 N/A Farah
TBA My Sassy Girl / My Sassy Joseon Lady 2016 N/A Farah
TBA Misaeng Follow Up~ / Misaeng Season 2 2015 N/A Farah
TBA So I Married an Anti-fan 2015 N/A Memnun
TBA Michelin Star 2015 N/A Farah
TBA Sorry/ I’m Sorry (Tentative title) 2015 Farah
TBA City Conquest [Drama Adoption] 2016 Memnun
TBA Detective/Mystery Ajummaas / Old Miss Diary 2016 Memnun
N/A The Three Musketeers (Season 2 And 3) August, 2014 24 Farah
TBA Suits Korean Remake Farah
TBA Love Letter (Korean Remake) 2015 TBA Farah
TBA Splash Splash Love season 2 2016 TBA Memnun
TBA Shin Saimdang/ Saimdang, the Herstory / Saimdang 2015 N/A Farah
TBA Winter Sonata 2 2015 Farah
TBA Mongdang Campus Olympics / Mongdangbungyo Ollimpig
2015 Memnun
TBA Pink Lady [Webtoon Adoption] 2016 TBA Memnun
Yong Pal Season 2 2016 Raiona
TBA Mukodono / My Husband Korean Remake 2015 Farah
TBA The Birth of a Married Woman Memnun
TBA Blooming in Tears 2015 Farah
TBA Producer [Season 2] / Producer Follow-up / Variety Drama / Producer Spin Off 2015 Farah
TBA Man to Man / One on one /Man to Man Memnun
TBA Start Love[Web-drama] 2015 Farah
TBA Two Years Vacation [Korean Drama Adoption by Song Ji Na ] / Gaia / Picnic / Missing 9 2015 Memnun
Bad Guys Season 2 2015 Farah
TBA Accidental Detective [K-drama Adoption] 2015 Memnun
TBA Sound of Heart / Sound of My Heart Webtoon Adoption 2015 Memnun
TBA Saver 2015 Memnun
TBA I Ask of You, Ki Hong 2016 Memnun
TBA My Sunshine/You are My Sunshine/ Silent Separation [Kdrama Remake] 2015 Memnun
TBA Cheers to Me 2015 Memnun
TBA An Officer and a Gentleman 2016 Memnun
TBA Bongsun, a Woman Who Dies When She Loves 2015 Memnun
TBA Cursed Romance 2015 Memnun
TBA Sweet [Web-Drama] 2015 Memnun
TBA Romantic Star [C+K Drama] 2015 Memnun
TBA Cruel Romance Sequel[C+K Drama] 2015 Memnun
TBA Answer Me / Reply Me Season 4 / Spin Off / REPLY 1980 / Reply 1974 / Reply 2002 2017 Memnun
TBA Savage Heat / Wild Passion 2015 Memnun
TBA Best Lover (C+K drama) 2015 Memnun
Rail in the Underground 2016 Raiona
TBA Century Couple / couple of the century / The Greatest Couple 2016 Memnun
TBA Perfect Sense Drama Special 2015 Memnun
TBA Batman [K-drama Remake] 2016 Memnun
TBA Thirty Again / Twenty Again Sequel 2016 Memnun
TBA Heroes 2016 Memnun
TBA Gallery / Hwarang / Flower Boys / Hwarang : The Begining / Flower Knights: The Beginning 2016 Memnun
TBA Mermaid’s Prince / Cat and Dog / The Mermaid’s Prince 2016 Memnun
TBA Love Express 2016 Memnun
Tba Dear! Long Time No See Memnun
TBA Entourage / Entourage Korea 2016 Memnun
TBA Shall We Have Dinner Tonight 2016 Memnun
TBA Mask (Web-drama) 2016 Memnun
TBA Romance Island [Web-drama] 2016 Memnun
TBA Atlas’s Witch 2016 Memnun
 War of the Roses  Raiona
 Birth of A Mrs. 2016  Raiona
TBA Signal [Season 2] 2016 Memnun
TBA Deal 2016  Memnun
TBA Dugeun Dugeun Spike 2 / Pounding Spike 2 2016 Memnun
TBA Gogh, The Starry Night / Van Gogh’s Starry Night / Go Ho Starry Night [Web-drama] POSTED 2016 Memnun
TBA Youthful Recipe Heyday [Web-drama] 2016 Memnun
TBA Descendant of  the Sun season 2 Memnun
TBA Oh My Got Tip [Web-drama] 2016 Memnun
TBA Good People 2016 Memnun
TBA Rock Records In Love 2016 Memnun
TBA Everyday New Face 2016 Memnun
TBA Begin Again [K-drama adoption] 2016 Memnun



Hip Hop God Memnun
TBA How Are You Bread [C+K drama] 2016 Memnun
 My Love from Another Star season 2 / spin off (K-Drama)  2016  Raiona
TBA Female Employees of the Game Company /Women at a Game Company  [web-drama] 2016 Memnun
TBA  Bells Ring [Web-drama] 2016 Memnun
TBA Goblin / Mr. Sunshine / Demon / Dokkaebi /A Mischievous Incident / A Peculiar Day [By Kim Eun Sook] [tvN] 2016 Memnun
TBA Advance / March [By Park Kyung-Soo] [SBS]  2016 Memnun
 TBA My Goddess, My Mother [C+K drama] 2017 Memnun
TBA  Here Comes Love Memnun
TBA Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju 2016 Memnun
TBA The Package [tentative title] (by JYP pictures) Memnun
TBA Koori no Sekai / Ice World [K-drama remake] Memnun
TBA Tomorrow With You  Memnun
TBA Legend of the Blue Sea / Little Mermaid / Home Theatre Avengers (tentative title) (Park Ji Eun + PD Jin Hyuk – SBS Drama) (Starring Lee Min Ho) Memnun
TBA Strong Woman Do Bong-soon / Women Himssen Dobongsun / Powerful Woman Do Bong-Soon [writer Baek Mi-Kyeong+PD Lee Tae-Gon]
Savage Heat [by writer Yoo Bo-Ra ]  Memnun
 TBA  The Man Living In Our House / Man Living at My House / Sweet Stranger and Me / Stranger in My House [Webtoon Adoption]  Memnun
TBA  Women of Dignity / Lady With Class  Memnun
TBA  My Wife’s Having an Affair this Week MEmnun
TBA Bride of the Water God/ Habaek’s Bride [Misaeng Writer] Memnun
 Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim / Romantic Doctor Kim Sa-Bu  Raiona
TBA Mother [K-remake] Memnun
TBA Chief Kim/ Manager Kim Memnun
 Reply Pyeongchang, 100°F  Raiona
Go Princess Go (K-Remake)  Raiona
TBA Defendant [SBS]  Memnun
 Dasan Jeong Yak-Yong  Raiona
TBA Sandglass sequel Memnun
TBA The Day After We Broke Up Memnun
TBA The Universe’s Star



TBA  Ruler–Master of the Mask  Memnun
 Night Light  Raiona
TBA The Voice  Memnun
TBA My Fair Lady/ Oh My Geum-Bi Memnun
TBA Sensitive Boss / Introverted Boss Memnun
TBA My Only Love Song Memnun
TBA The King Loves Memnun
TBA What’s Up With These Kids? Memnun
TBA Polyclinic Doctor Memnun
TBA Solomon’s Perjury Memnun
 TBA  Positive Physique [web-drama]  Memnun
TBA School 2017 Memnun
TBA Romance Full of Life / Vivid Romance Memnun
TBA  Hong Gil Dong, The Traitor / Traitor Hong Gil-Dong / Rebel Hong Gil-dong  Memmnun
TBA Lawyer Jo Deul Ho Season 2 Memnun
TBA While You Were Sleeping [Park Hye Ryun] Memnun
 Drinking Solo season 2 / Spin off  2017  Raiona
TBA Queen of the Ring Memnun

Upcoming J-Dramas

Day of Week Drama Release Date Ep. Encoder
TBA IQ246  WORKING Oct 2016 Raiona
N/A Hanzawa Naoki ~ Season 2 2014 N/A Farah
N/A Rich Man, Poor Woman ~ Season 2 2014 N/A Raiona
N/A Legal High ~ Season 3 2014 N/A Raiona
Seirei no Moribito (All Seasons) March 2016 (continues in 2017 & 2018) Raiona
TBA Cold Case Fall 2016 Raiona
Tuesdays Boyfriend (j-k drama) 2016 Raiona
TBA Kimi ni Sasageru Emblem Jan 2017 Raiona
TBA Scientist of the Heart, Narumi Saku’s Challenge II 2015 TBA Farah
Wednesdays Hyouka & Haruchika 2016 TBA Memnun
TBA NODA MAP’s Gekirin 2015 Farah
TBA Shingari ~ Yamaichi Shoken Saigo no Seisen 2015 Memnun
TBA Go-nin no Junko 2015 Memnun
TBA Bakuretsu Teacher (Ohno Satoshi) 2016 Memnun
TBA Indigo No Koibito 2015 Memnun
Female Lord Naotora / Onna Joshu Naotora ~ Taiga January, 2017 Raiona
TBA Kaitei no Kimi e 2016 Memnun
TBA Kono Machi no Inochi ni 2016 Memnun
TBA  Kimi wa Petto / You’re My Pet Memnun
TBA Kodaike no Hitobito [by Morimoto Kozueko] [Starring Saito Takumi] Memnun
TBA  Uchuu no Shigoto 2016 Memnun
 Furagashira 2  Raiona
 The Hippocratic Oath WORKING  Raiona
 Tokyo Tarareba Musume  Raiona
 Mohouhan SP  WORKING  Raiona
TBA Criminal Minds [J-remake] Memnun
 Suna no Tou  Raiona
 Sniffer Kyuukaku Sousaka / Sniffer ~ The investigation officer with a sense of smell  oct 2016  Raiona
 Boukyou / Homesickness SP WORKING   Raiona
 Nigeru wa haji da ga yaku ni / We Married as A job WORKING  Raiona
 Kidnap Tour SP WORKING  Raiona
Chef: Mitsuboshi no Kyushoku Raiona
 Higanjima ~ Love is Over  Raiona
Death Note ~ New Generation / “Death  Note Light up the NEW world” Live Action, the prequel drama (HuLu) WORKING prior to the movie release 3 Raiona
TBA Jimi ni Sugoi! Kouetsu Girl Kouno Etsuko Memnun
 Rental Kyuseishu  Raiona
 Fukuyado Honpo ~ Kyoto Love Story  Raiona
 Career WORKING Raiona
 Cain & Abel  Raiona
 Daisho  Raiona
 The Last Cop 2 WORKING  Raiona
 Sword Art Online (Live Action TV Adoption) 2017  Raiona
 Shinya Shokudo ~ Tokyo Stories  2016  Raiona
Tomodachi Game Memnun
TBA  Uso no Senso Memnun
 Suisho no Kodou  2016  HenMaA
 Saki December 2016  Raiona
 Haikei, Minpaku-sama [J-Drama]  2016  KiraLamperouge

Upcoming C-Dramas

 The Legend of chusen / Zhu Xian (Season 1, 2, 3)  SEASON 1 POSTED  2016 Raiona
TBA As Long As You Love Me / Love Switch (C-Drama Adoptation) 2016 Raiona
TBA Sparrow (C-Drama) 2016 Raiona
Once Promised / Ceng Xunuo / Promise Me A Forever / Ancient Love Song (C-Drama) 2017 Raiona
Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms / San Sheng San Shi Shi Li Tao Hua (C-Drama) 2016 Raiona
TBA 八月未央 / August Weiyang / August Not the End / August not the Time (C-Drama adoptation) (starring Rain & Victoria) 2016 Raiona
Old Nine Gates / The Mystic Nine (Web-Drama) (C-Drama) (4 seasons) + SP + Movies (season 1 POSTED) July 4th 2016 Raiona
Graduation Season (C-Drama) 2016 Raiona
Love & Life & Lie / Glasssliper / Mr. Liu Encounters Love(C-Drama) 2016 Raiona
Oh My General / 将军在上 (C-Drama) Summer 2017 Raiona
Ru Yi’s Royal Love In The Palace / Legend of Ru Yi / Ru Yi Zhuan (C-Drama) 2016 Raiona
Eastern Palace / Goodbye My Princess (C-Drama Adoption starring Fan bingbing) 2016 Raiona
Stay with Me / Hold Me Tight (C-Drama) July 13rd, 2016 Raiona
 School 2015 C-Remake 2016 Raiona
Lost You Forever / Eternally Yearning for You (C-Drama Adoptation)  2017  Raiona
A Gentleman’s Dignity (C-Remake)  2016  Raiona
 Advisors Alliance (C-Drama)  2017  Raiona
Legend of Heavenly Tear Phoenix Warriors / Phoenix Warriors / 天泪传奇之凤凰无双 / Phoenix Riders / Phoenix Unique / Romance Phoenix Unique / 凤凰无双 / 鳳凰無雙 (C-Drama)  2017  Raiona
The Rise of Phoenixes / The Rise of A Phoenix / Rise of A Phoenix (C-Drama) 2017 Raiona
 Demon Girl (C-drama)  2017  Raiona
 I Think I Love You, Ni  2017  Raiona
 Rush to the Dead Summer (C-Drama)  2017  Raiona
 Shinya Shokudo / Midnight Diner (C-Drama Remake)  2017  Raiona
 Novoland: The Castle  in Sky  2016  20  Raiona
Princess Agent / Princess Agents/ Chu Qiao Zhuan: Queen no. 11’s Agent / The Legend of Chu Qiao / Chu Qiao / 11 Chu Te Gong Huang Fei (C-Drama Adoptation)  2017  Raiona
 Seige of Fog / Color of Night (C-Drama)  Raiona
 Chen hun / Twilight  (C-Drama Adoptation)  2017  Raiona
Love and Passion Remake (C-Drama)  2017  Raiona
 Yi Lu Fan Hua Xiang Song / 一路繁花相送/ Yīlù fánhuā xiāng sòng / Flowers in both hands all the way (literal) / The Road to Bid Farewell is Filled with Flowers (Wallace  Chung’s upcoming  C-Drama)  2017  Raiona
Candle in the Tomb (C-Drama) 2017 Raiona
Lost Tomb ~ 4th installment / Tomb of the Sand / 盜墓筆記之沙海 (C-Drama)  2017 Raiona
Liang Sheng, Maybe We Won’t Be In Pain Anymore / Can We Not Be Sad, Cool Students? (Literal Translation)  / 凉生,我们可不可以不忧伤 / Liang sheng, women kebu keyi bu youshang (C-Drama Adoptation of Le xiao Mi) (Starring Wallace Chung)  2017  Raiona
Sauvignon Blanc / 长相思 /  長相思 (MaTianYu & Li DongXue) (C-Drama adoption by Tong Hua)  2017 Raiona
Gui Zhong Mei Ren / Beauty Cabinet (Literal Translation) / Beauties in the Cabinet / 櫃中美人 / Cabinet de Beauté / Beauty in the Cupboard (C-Drama Adoptation)  2017  Raiona
 San Tu Zhi / San Tu / Three Ways / Three Passers / (starring Yoona & MaTianyu)  2017  Raiona
 Cike LieZhuan / Assassins / Men with Sword / 刺客列傳  2016  Raiona
 She is Pretty (Not the Korean Remake) (Starring Zhang Xinyi)  2017  Raiona
My Sin (C-Web Drama) May 2016 Raiona
 择天记 / Fighter of the Destiny (C-Drama) (Starring Luhan & Guli Nazha)  2017  Raiona
 Starry Night Starry Sea / The Starry Night, The Starry Sea / The Starry Night (by Tong Hua) (C-Drama Adoptation)  2017  Raiona
 舒克的桃花运 / Shu Ke De Tao HuaYun / Match Made In Heaven / Perfect Couple / 天作之合 / Shu Ke’s Luck With Women / Shu Ke’s Peach Blossom Tree / Peach Blossom (starring Chen Xiao & Ying Er) (C-Drama)  2017  Raiona
TBA The most beautiful First Encounter [C webdrama] [Starring Lee Hyun Woo] Memnun
Paris Not In A Good Mood  / Paris is Not in a Good Mood / (如果巴黎不快乐) Raiona
TBA Goddess Imposter Memnun
The Journey / 寻找前世之旅 /  Xunzhǎo Qianshi Zhi Lu (Ma Ke)  Nov, 2016 Raiona
City of Time  Memnun
Dai Yi Qin Shang / 大义秦商 / 大义秦商之安吴寡妇 / Righteous Qin Suppliers Raiona
 不负如来不负卿 / Bu fu rulai bu fu qing  Raiona
 TBA Black Cat / My Catman (starring L) (C-webdrang ma) Memnun
TBA Super Star Academy Season 1 Memnun
TBA Art in Love Memnun
TBA Delicious Destiny [Starring Mike ] Memnun
TBA Full Love [Starring Hawick Lau] Memnun
TBA Love and Lies [Thai drama] [Starring Jung Il Woo] MEmnun
TBA Les Interpretes Season 2 Memnun
TBA Chronicles of Empress Wu MEmnun
 Yinwei Yujian Ni /  因为遇见你 / Because I Met You / Because of Meeting You  Raiona
TBA  Wuxin the Monster Killer / Wuxin Master Season 2 Memnun
TBA Canvas The Emperor / Canvas King [C+k Drama] [starring SNSD Seohyun] Memnun
Zu Warriors from the Magic Mountain / 新蜀山劍俠傳 Raiona
TBA The Fated General  [Starring Ji Chang Wook] Memnun
TBA Blind Date (盲约) [C-drama Adoption] Memnun
TBA Man Man Qing Luo Memnun
The Last King / Zuihou de Wanggong / 最後的王公 2017  Raiona
Gui Chideng zhi muye gui Shi / 鬼吹灯之牧野诡事 (starring Darren Wang & Wang Yue Xin)  Raiona
The Tang’s Empress – Legend of the Pearl / Da tang hufei chuan zhi zhenzhu chuanqi /  唐后妃传之珍珠传奇 /  Raiona
 Na Nian hua kai yue zheng yuan / 那年花开月正圆 (Chen Xiao & Sun Li)  Raiona
TBA Honey, the Scent of Love / You, the Scent of Love [starring Song Joong Ki] Memnun
TBA Where Winter is Warm, Where Summer is Cool (何所冬暖 何所夏凉) Memnun
 Xu Xian / 許仙 (Nicky Wu ptoduction)  2017  Raiona
 Go Princess Go ~ Season 2  Raiona
 Win The World (Palace Drama starring Fan Bingbing’s Tang De)  2017  Raiona
TBA  Nirvana In Fire 2-Wind from Changlin Memnun
TBA He and Moonlight as Neighbors (他与月光为邻) Memnun
TBA You And Me In Time (你和我的倾城时光) Memnun
 Xiao lou zuoye you dongfeng / 小楼昨夜又东风 (starring Yikan & Song Yi)  Raiona
 A Love for Separation  Raiona
 Bloody Romance (starring Fan Bingbing)   Raiona
 Xuan Yuan Sword Cloud  Raiona
 My Ruby My Blood / 一粒红尘 /  一粒紅塵 / Red (Starring Ying Er and Nicky Wu)  Raiona
 Beyond the Call of Aphrodite / 初遇在光年之外 (Starring Yang Yang snd Yang Zi)  Raiona
 The World of Dogu / 独孤天下 / Da Gu Tian Ji  Raiona
 Inverse Material / Martial Universe / Wu Dong Qian  Kun (starring Yang Yang)  Raiona
  醉玲瓏 Drunk Linglong  Memnun
TBA Mei Feng Mei [C-Drama] 2016 20 Memnun
TBA The Qin Empire / Ying Zheng [C-drama] 2015 Memnun
TBA Little Valentine [C-drama] 2016 Memnun
TBA  Half the Sky [C-drama] 2016 Memnun
N/A Liking is Just Like That (C-Drma) 2015 N/A Farah
TBA Nirvana in Fire Sequel / Season 2 2016 Memnun
TBA Misaeng Chinese Remake 2015 N/A Memnun
TBA Kill Me, Heal Me Chinese Remake [C-Drama] 2015 Memnun
Friday-Saturday Surgical Storm / The Surgeon [C-Drama] 2015 Memnun
TBA My Heart Blue / The Blue of My Heart (C+J+K drama) 2015 Memnun
TBA Braveness of the Ming[C-Drama] 2015 Farah
TBA Criminal Minds [K-remake] 2015 Farah
TBA Coffee Prince [C-Remake November, 2015 Memnun
TBA Ode to Joy 02 and 03 [C-drama] 2015 Memnun
TBA Jin Xiu Wei Yang / The Princess Weiyoung 2015 Memnun
TBA Full House Sequel[C-drama Remake] 2015 Memnun
TBA Miss Granny [C-drama Remake] 2015 Memnun
TBA A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated / General and I [C-Drama] 2015 Memnun
TBA The Legend of Mi Yue [C-Drama] 2015 Memnun
TBA Chinese Odyssey Part III [C-Drama] 2015 Memnun
TBA Love Weaves Through A Millennium Season 2 2015 Memnun
TBA My Male God / Mr. Right (C-Drama) 2016 Memnun
TBA She Was Pretty [C-remake] 2016 Memnun
TBA Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy [C-Drama] 2016 Memnun
TBA Legend of Condor Heroes 2016 Memnun
TBA Lie Chang / Hunting Ground / Resume (C-Drama) 2016 Memnun
TBA Da Xian Ya Men (C-Drama) Memnun
TBA Reincarnation (Reborn) of The Super Star / Revive / Qing Luo Shan Zi (C-Drama) 2016 Memnun
TBA When A Snail Loves 2016 Memnun
TBA Emerald Jade Lovers / Jade Lovers 2016 Memnun
TBA The Adventure For Love [C-drama] 2016 Memnun
TBA Mad About You [C-drama] 2016 Memnun
TBA A Wonderful Journey Through Time [C-drama] 2016 Memnun
TBA Chinese Dream [C-drama] [Tentative Title] 2016 Memnun
TBA Goong / Palace [C-remake] Memnun
TBA Shi Ling Lu / Wind Chimes and Su Ran Ran Zhui Fu Ji / Su Ran Ran’s Husband Hunting Journey [C-webdrama]  Memnun
TBA Decoded  [C-drama] 2016 Memnun
TBA The Rhapsody Of A Summer Dream []c-drama Memnun
TBA Five Year [C-Drama] 2016 Memnun
Song of Phoenix  (C-Drama)  2016



TBA Descendant of the sun [C-remake] 2016 Memnun
TBA Wang Jian / 王道劍 [C-drama] 2016 Memnun
TBA No Regrets Coming Into This Kingdom [C-drama] 2016 Memnun
TBA Night Affection (starring Jo Woon) [C-drama] 2016 Memnun
TBA Royal Sister Returns [C-drama] 2016 30 Memnun
TBA Season of Plastic Surgery [C web-drama] 2016 Memnun
TBA My Little Princess  [C-drama] 2016 Memnun
TBA Magical Space Time  [C-drama] 2016 Memnun
TBA It started with a kiss [TW drama remake] 2016 Memnun
TBA Don’t Be So Proud [by Sui Hou Zhu] 2016 Memnun
TBA Rose-leaf Bramble [TW-drama] 2016 Memnun
TBA Stardom [C-drama Adoption / Remake] Memnun
TBA My Wonderful Boyfriend / My Wonderful Boyfriend / My Amazing Boyfriend Season 2 [C-drama] 2017 Memnun
TBA Crazy Little World Called Love [C-drama starring William Chan and Tang Yixin ] Memnun
 A Step into the Past (C-Drama Remake)  Raiona
 TBA  男人使用手册 Man Instruction Manual  Memnun
 Jiguang Zhi lian 極光之戀 / Aurora Love (Literal Translation) (Starring Ma Ke)  Raiona
 Snow Girl  Raiona
 獨孤皇后 / Dugu Empress  Raiona
Dr. Qin Medical Examiner / 法医秦明 / Finger Number 11 / 第十一根手指 (C-webdrama)  Raiona
The Lost Tomb 2  2017 Raiona
Proud of Love Memnun
 The Escapee / 脱身者  2017  Raiona
TBA Problematic Restaurant Bistro Fou  [C-Remake of Mondai no Aru Restaurant] Memnun
TBA Operation Love/Proposal [C-remake] Memnun
 TBA  Rookie Agent Rouge [C-Drama]  2016  45  KiraLamperouge
 TBA  Customize Happiness [C-Drama]  2016  38  KiraLamperouge
 TBA  The Girl With The Tassel/Blossom Earring(戴流蘇耳環的少女) [C-Drama  2015  38  KiraLamperouge

Upcoming K-Movies

Movie Release Date Encoder
Jakseoui Byeon – Attack of Strange Object / Jakseoui Byeon – Moolgwoeui Seubgyeok unconfirmed Raiona
Worst Woman / Worst Day / The Worst Woman Summer, 2016 Raiona
Botox Unconfirmed Raiona
Heuksan Island Unconfirmed Raiona
Father’s War Unconfirmed Raiona
Two Policemen/ Doopojol 2017 Raiona
 Miss Baek  2017  Raiona
Train to Busan 2  2018 Raiona
Spacial Woman / Spacial Lady / Precious Woman  2017 Raiona
Taxi Driver 2017 Raiona
Derailed / No Way to Go / Two Man Later half of 2016 Raiona
Autumn Post Office 1st Half, 2017 Raiona
One Line 2017  Raiona
RV:_Resurrected_Victims / Revival / acrifice Revival Report / Heesaengboohwal Bogoseo 2016 Raiona
Risking Life for Romance / Life risking Romance 2016 Raiona
The Romantic Unconfirmed Raiona
Kwon Bob / The Art of Fist Duel / Fist Fighting / 권법 Unconfirmed Raiona
Split 2016 Raiona
Family Plan / Gajokgyehwek /Familyhood 2016 Farah
Okja 2017 Raiona
Because I Love You / Because We Love 2017 Raiona
Seven Years’ Night / Night of 7 Years / Seven Years of Night / 7 Nyeonui Bam 2017 Raiona
Key of Life (Korean Remake) / Luck.Key / Lukki 2016 Raiona
Hidden Time / Obscured Time / Vanishing Time: A Boy who Returned 2016 Raiona
The Warship / Battleship Island / US Battleship 2017 Raiona
Coffee Mates Early 2017 Raiona
Berlin File 2 / Sequel Unconfirmed Raiona
Rush Delivery / Express Delivery / Shanghai Express / Super Express (K+C Movie) Late 2016 Raiona
Interview [Webtoon Adoption] Unconfirmed Raiona
Love Is A Virus Unconfirmed Raiona
Missing / Mama / Missing : Missing Child 2017 Raiona
Deceit and Murder/ Gender Murder / Male And Female Murder / Deception and Murder (Directed by Kim Tae-kyun) Unconfirmed Raiona
Madame Freedom / Free Maiden / Freedom Wife Unconfirmed Raiona
Veteran 2 / Squeal Unconfirmed Raiona
Rock N Roll Grandpa 2016 Raiona
Sweet Speeding / Sweet Speed Unconfirmed Raiona
With the Gods Trilogy / With God Trilogy / With God I, I , III / With God – Afterlife, Life, Myth / Singwa Hamgge (Webtoon Adoption) 2017 Raiona
Chae Hong Sa Unconfirmed Raiona
Dandong (Directed by Park Hee-Kon) Unconfirmed Raiona
Cooperation / Co-operation / Mutual Assistance / Alliance / Gongjo 2017 Raiona
Compatibility / Gung-hab /Marital Harmony / A Match Made in Heaven/ GoongHap Unconfirmed – 2017 Farah
Making Family (C+K-Movie) 2016 Raiona
Broker 2017 Raiona
Gorae Gorae Ride the Carriage 2017 Raiona
Dokgo / Iron Club Unconfirmed Raiona
Aridong / Aridong’s Last Cowboy Unconfirmed Raiona
Secret Agent / The Age of Shadows / Miljung WORKING 2016 Raiona
The King 2017 Raiona
Insufficient Evidence Unconfirmed Raiona
Hyung / Elder Brother / Brother / Older Brother 2017 Raiona
Ant Hell (1999 Webtoon Adoption) (Directed by Lee Myung-se) Unconfirmed Raiona
Fabricated City / Invented City / Manipulative City / Jojakdwen Doshi 2017 Raiona
Miss Granny 2 / Miss Granny Sequel Unconfirmed Raiona
Gosanja, Daedongyeojido / Go San-ja, Daedongyeojido – The Great Map of the East Land / The Map Against the World WORKING 2016 Raiona
Dead Again (US + K Movie Directed by Dave Silverman) 2017 Raiona
Haeuhhwa / Love, Lies 2016 Raiona
Trot Unconfirmed Raiona
Asura – The City of Madness /Ashura /Asura 2016  Raiona
The Last Ride / The Last Leaf WORKING 2016 Raiona
Wind Wind Wind / Baram Baram Baram 2015 Raiona
Grandfather 2016 Raiona
The Prison 2017 Raiona
Mr. Beautiful / Beautiful He Unconfirmed Raiona
The Tooth and the Nail Early 2015 Raiona
Schoolmistress / Teacher 2016 Raiona
Mister Shark Unconfirmed Raiona
Thieves 2 Unconfirmed  Raiona
Shadow Called Yesterday Directed by Lee Yu-bin) Unconfirmed Raiona
Dad and Daughter /Dad is a Daughter / Dad’s a Daughter 2017 Raiona
Pandora Unconfirmed Raiona
Take Off 2 / Run Off 2016 Raiona
A Murderer’s Guide to Memorization / Memoir of a Murderer 2016 Raiona
Lucid_Dream Unconfirmed Raiona
Real 2017  Raiona
Glory Day / One Way Trip 2015 Raiona
Eun-Ha / Eun Ha Unconfirmed  Raiona
Enemy Soldier 2017 Raiona
Everyday With You (Directed by Lee Jang-hee) 2016 Raiona
King’s Case Files / The King’s Case Diary 2016  Raiona
Your Wedding Unconfirmed Raiona
 Chunmoong / A Quiet Dream 2016 Raiona
My Angel  2017 Raiona
Master 2016  Raiona
Pirates 2 Unconfirmed  Raiona
The Throne: A Noble Man’s path Unconfirmed Raiona
Queen of Walking 2016  Raiona
Will You Be There 2017 Raiona
The Technicians 2  / Con Artist 2 Unconfirmed  Raiona
Special Citizen  2017  Raiona
Single Rider  2017  Raiona
Your Name is Jang-Mi / Your Name Is Rose  2016 Raiona
Genocidal Organ (Adoption of J-Movie, directed by Park Chan-wook) Unconfirmed  Raiona
 The Net  2016  Raiona
 Sheriff  2017  Raiona
Mongdang  Campus Olympics 2017 Raiona
A Day / Wondeyi / One Day / Haroo/ Haru 2017  Raiona
Cheese in the Trap  – The Movie  2017  Raiona
Bandits / Hooligan / Hoodlum  2017  Raiona
 Made in Korea  2016  Raiona
Descendant of the Sun – The Movie  Unconfirmed Memnun
Ggoon / Conman 2017  Raiona
 Cultwo Show  2016  Raiona
 Two Wives / My Wife  2016  Raiona
 Fifth Column / The Fifth Row  2017  Raiona
 Glass Garden / Yoorijungwon   2017  Raiona
 VIP  2017  Raiona
 The Youngest / Makdoongi 2017  Raiona
 Come Back to Busan Port  2016  Raiona
The Table / Passing Hearts: The Table  2016 Raiona
 Jaesim / Retrial  Raiona
Reclamation of Seoul / MacArthur 2 / Incheon Landing Operation 2 / Operation Chromite 2 ~ Sequel / spin-off Winter 2017 or Early 2018  Raiona
Kung Fu Robot [K + C-Movie Directed By JK Youn] Unconfirmed Raiona
Detective K [Third Installment] Summer 2017 Raiona
Silence / Silent Witness [remake of C-movie] 2017  Raiona
 Midsummer / Oh New World  2017  Raiona
South Castle / Namhansanseong  2017  Raiona
Still Life [UK-remake]  Raiona
 Wonderful Life  2017  Raiona
 Be Bop A Lula  2017  Raiona
 Memory’s Night  2017  Raiona
 Ordinary Man  2017  Raiona
 Admiral Kim Chang Soo  2017  Raiona
 Maneuver  2017  Raiona
 Temporary Special  Agent / Temporary Spacial Forces  2017  Raiona
 Jin-roh: The Wolf Brigade   2017  Raiona
Lookism [Webtoon Adoption] Unconfirmed  Raiona
 Evil Woman / Villainess  2017  Raiona
 Seven Secrets  2017 Raiona
Burning  2017  Raiona
 Young Cop / Youth Cop 2017  Raiona
Overtime / Clocking Out 2017  Raiona
 Top Secret  2017  Raiona
One Step / Echo / Crank / Begin Again (US-2013) Korean Remake  2017  Raiona
Auspicious Grave (3rd Installment of Face Readers  Trillogy)  2017  Raiona
 House On Top of Time / House Above Time  2017  Raiona
 Goodbye Single  2016  HenMaA
 Insane  2016  HenMaA
 Daerib Forces  2017  Raiona
 Psychokinesis  2017  Raiona
 Robber  2017  Raiona
Exemplary Police (directed b Kim Min-seok)  2017  Raiona
Wicked Police (directed by Lee Jung-beom)  Raiona
 Little Forest (Korean Remake)  2017  Raiona
 Golden Slumber (Korean Remake)  2017  Raiona
 Room #7  2017  Raiona
 Park Yeol  2017  Raiona

Upcoming J-Movie

Movie Release Date Encoder
Creepy 2016 Raiona
Yell For The Blue Sky / Aozora Yell (Live Action) 2016 Raiona
Her Love Boils Bathwater / Yu o Wakasu Hodo no Atsui Ai / Burning Love Enough to Boil Water Fall, 2016 Raiona
Cheerdance / Chia☆Dan ~Joshi Kosei ga Chia Dansu de Zenbei Seiha Shichatta Honto no Hanashi~ 2016 Raiona
Himitsu: Top Secret /The Top Secret Revealed / The Top Secret: Murder in Mind 2016  Raiona
Princess Jellyfish 2015  Raiona
Expulsion / Hamon / Hamon ~ Futari no Yakubyougami / Expulson ~ Two Evil Gods Spring, 2016 Raiona
Bokura no Gohan wa Ashita de Matteru Spring 2017 Raiona
Cross / Jyujika ######## Raiona
Museum 2016 Raiona
Cherry Blossom Memories / Rain of Cherry Blossoms / Sakura no Ame 2016 Raiona
Seiro no Umi – Tantei Mitarai no Jikenbo / The Clockwork Current: Private Detective Mitarai’s Case Files Tantei Mitarai no Jikenbo Seiro no Umi 2015  Raiona
Nigakute Amai / Bittersweet / Bitter & Sweet Summer, 2016 Raiona
Otousan to Itou san / Father and Mr Itou / My Dad and Mr Ito 2016 Raiona
Sumika Sumire Live Action 2016  Raiona
Ai wo Tsumu Hito / The Pearls of the Stone Man Raiona
Setoutsumi 2016 Raiona
Before a Falling Star Fades Away / Nagareboshi ga Kienai Uchi ni 6-Sep-14 Raiona
Destruction Babies / Distraction Babies 10-Jan-15  Raiona
Over The Fence / Over Fence 2016 Raiona
If A Cat Disappears From The World / Sekai kara Neko ga Kieta nara 2015  Raiona
Something Like Something Like It / No Yona Mono No Yona Mono 2015 Raiona
What A Wonderful Family  / It’s Tough Being a Family / Kazoku wa Tasurai yo 2015  Raiona
A Man Called Pirate / Kaizoku to Yobareta Otoko 2016 Raiona
Kaze ni Tatsu Lion 2015  Raiona
Dias Police: Ihou Keisatsu (Live Action) 2016 Raiona
Survival Family 2016  Raiona
Kodaike no Hitobito / Kodai Family’s People 2015  Raiona
64: Part 1 & 2 2016 Raiona
Two Strangers / Shiranai, Futari / Their Distance 2015  Raiona
Scoop! 2016 Raiona
Girls in the Dark 2016 Raiona
Too Young To Die! / Wakakushite Shin 2015  Raiona
Japanese Girls Never Die / A Lonely Girl Has Gone / Haruko Azumi Is Missing / Azumi Haruko wa Yukuefumei 2016 Raiona
Ayashii Kanojo / Sing My Life / Suspicious Woman / Miss Granny Japanese Remake (J-Movie) WORKING 2016 Raiona
Canon / Kanon May 2016 Raiona
Shokubutsu Zukan / Evergreen Love / Illustrated Plant Book 2016  Raiona
I’m A Hero ~ Hajimari no Hi  2016 Raiona
Iya na Onna / Detestable Woman / Desperate  Sunflowers 2016 Raiona
Tono, Risoku de Gozaru! / Lord, It’s Interest! / The Magnificent Nine Summer, 2016 Raiona
Zange: Sunde wa Ikenai Heya 2015
Koisaika Miyamoto / Devoted Husband Miyamoto 2017 Raiona
Assassination Classroom: Graduation | Ansatsu Kyoshitsu -Sotsugyou Hen- 2016 HenMaA
Yakuza Apocalypse: The Great War Of The Underworld 2015 HenMaA
Itazura na Kiss (Live Action)/Mischievous Kiss The Movie: High School Version 20 16  Raiona
Anger / Ikari 2016 Raiona
Sanada Ten Braves / Sanada Juyushi 2017 Raiona
Nihon de Ichiban Warui Yatsura / The Worst Fellows in Japan / Twisted Justice 2016 Raiona
Fukigen na Kakko / Kakp: My Sullen Past / Unpleasent Past 2016 Raiona
Natsumi no Hotaru / Natsumi’s Firefly 2016 Raiona
Taiyo / Sun WORKING 2016 Raiona
Even Deeper Than The Sea / After the Storm / Umi Yorimo Mada Fukaku 2016 Raiona
Shuukatsu Live Action 2017 Raiona
Double Life / Nijuu Seikatsu 2016 Raiona
Night’s Tightrooe / Shoujo / Girls 2016 Raiona
Moriyamachu Driving School 2016 Raiona
Raintree no Kuni / World of Delight(Jmovie) 2016  Raiona
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso / Your Lie in April  2016  Raiona
Good Morning Show 2016  Raiona
Death Note /Death Note 2016[J-movie] 2016  Raiona
Mugen no Junin / Blade of the Immortal / The Inhabitant of Infinity [J-movie] 2016  Raiona
Shiratori Reiko De Gozaimasu (Live Action) 2016 Raiona
Children of Iron / Tetsu no Ko 2016 Raiona
Where Florence Sleeps / Florence wa Nemuru 2016 Raiona
Please Marry My Wife | Boku no Tsuma to Kekkon Shite Kudasai  2016 Raiona
 Satoshi no Seishun  2016  Raiona
 Birthday Card  October 2016  Raiona
 Utsukushii Hoshi / Beautiful Planet  2016  Raiona
 Isshukan Friends / Isshuukan Friends / One Week Friends  2017  Raiona
Hyouka & Haruchika / Haruchika 2016 Memnun
 Oboreru Knife / Oboreru Naifu / Drowning Love  2017  Raiona
Nanimono / Somebody / Who / Someone 2016  Raiona
March Comes in Like a Lion 2 / San gatsu no Lion Kohen  2016  Raiona
Sangatsu no Lion / March Comes in Like a Lion 2016 Memnun
Reminiscence  / Tsuioku 2016  Raiona
 Traces of Sin / Goku Roku / Record of Folly  2016  Raiona
Peach Girl 2016  Raiona
Full Metal Alchemist Live-action 2016  Raiona
One Piece Live-action 2016  Raiona
 The Whispering Star / Hiso Hiso Hoshi  2016  Raiona
Teiichi no Kuni / One Country Emperor / Teiichi’s Country 2016  Raiona
Kimi to 100 Kaime no Koi / The 100th Love with You 2016  Raiona
 Shippu Rido  2016  Raiona
 Mars  2016  Raiona
 Black Widow Business   2016  Raiona
Tomorrow I Will Date With Yesterday’s You / Boku wa Ashita, Kinou no Kimi to Date Suru Memnun
 Seirei No Moribito (the series)  2017-cont.  Raiona
 Hanaikusa / Hana Ikusa  2017  Raiona
Karera ga honki de amu toki wa / When they are serious about knitting / When They Knit Seriously 2017 Raiona
Kemonomichi 2016 Raiona
Nakimushi Pierrot no Kekkonshiki / Crybaby Pierrot’s Wedding September 24, 2016 Raiona
 P and JK  2017  Raiona
 Umisuzume  2016  Raiona
 High & Low : The Story of S W O R D 2016  Raiona
 Shabon Dama / Soap Bubbles  2016  Raiona
 Ken to Kazu  2016  Raiona
 A Boy Who Wished to be Okuda Tamio And A Girl Who Drove All Men Crazy / Okuda Tamio ni Naritai Boy Deau Otoko Subete Kuruwaseru Girl  2017



 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure ~ Stardust Crusaders (Live-Action)  2017  Raiona
 Donten ni warau (Live Action) / Laughing Under the Clouds  Raiona
 Osanago Warera ni Umare  Raiona
 Gintama (Live-Action)  Raiona
 Name / Namae  Raiona
 Kiseki – Ano hi no Sobito / Kiseki – The Sobito of That Day (GReeeeN Biography)  New Year 2017  Raiona
 Koto / The Old Capital  Raiona
 Tokyo Ghoul (Live Actions)  2018  Raiona
 Ikinari Sensei ni Natta Boku ga Kanojo ni Koi wo Shita / My Korean Teacher  2016  Raiona
 Honnoji Hotel  2017  Raiona
 Kodomo Tsukai / The Child Manipulator  2017  Raiona
 Zenin, Kataomoi  July 2016  Raiona
Kyo no Kira-kun Memnun
 My Uncle / Boku no Ojisan  Nov 2, 2016  Raiona
 Tantei wa, Konya mo Yuutsuna Yume wo Miru  2017  Raiona
 Tori girl / Tori Garu  Raiona
 L  Raiona
 Narratage  Fall, 2017  Raiona
 22 nenme no Kokuhaku: Watashi ga Satsujinhan desu / Confession in 22 Years: I Am a Murderer Summer, 2017 Raiona
Eiga Youkai Watch Soratobu Kujira to Double Sekai no Daibouken Danyan Raiona
Shinobi no Kuni  Raiona
 The Last Recipe / Last Recipe: Memory of Giraffe’s Tongue / Rasuto Reshipi ~Kirin no Shita no Kioku~  2017  Raiona
 Mukoku  2017  Raiona
 The Badly Bruised Devil / Devil Full of Scars / Kizudarake no Akuma  2017  Raiona
 Aa, Koya / Ah! Wilderness!  2017  Raiona
 Oke Rojin  2016  Raiona
Chotto Ima Kara Shigoto Yamete Kuru  Raiona
 The Disastrous Life of Saiki K  Memnun
 Harmonium / Fuchi ni Tatsu  2016  Raiona
 What A Wonderful Family II / It’s Tough Being a Family II / Kazoku wa Tsurai yoII  2017  Raiona
 Intern  Nov 2016  Raiona
 Sekigahara  Fall, 2017  Raiona
 Ringside Story  2017  Raiona
 Mustard Chocolate (Live Action)  2017  Raiona
 BLEACH Live Action  2018  Raiona
 Library Wars: Last Mission  2015  HenMaA
 Second Summer, You Who I Can not Meet Again / Nidome no Natsu, Nidoto Aenai Kimi  2017  Raiona
 I Want to Eat Your Pancreas / Kimi no Suizo wo Tabetai  2017  Raiona
 I Have Difficulty to Be Loved Too Much by Older Brother / Ani ni Ai Saresugite Komattemasu  2017  Raiona
 Sakurada Reset Live Action Part 1 & 2  2017  Raiona
 ReLife  2017  Raiona
 Hirunaka no Ryuusei / Daytime Shooting Star  2017  Raiona
 Kukai / KU-KAI  2017  Raiona
 Hikari / Light  2017  Raiona
 Hidamari ga Kikoeru (I Hear the Sunspot)  2017  Raiona
 Sensei  2017  Raiona
 Saki 2017  Raiona



Upcoming Other Movies (Chinese, Taiwanese, etc.)

Movie Release Date Encoder
Begin Again (C-Movie) 2015 Farah
Boss And Me/Shan Shan Comes to Eat [C-Movie] 2015 Farah
 So I Married My Anti Fan WORKING 2016 Raiona
Cherry Returns / Where did You Go that Summer / 那年夏天你去了哪里 2016 Raiona
Risking Life to Love (C+K Movie) 2015 Farah
The Wonder (C-Movie) 2016 Raiona
Passion Heaven/Xia You Qiao Mu (C-Movie) 2015 Farah
Goodbye Ani (C-Movie) 2015 Farah
 Manhunt / Hunt / Hot Pursuit Remake (J+K+C-Movie by John Woo)  2016  Raiona
Under the Sicilian Sun / Never Said Goodbye (C-Movie) 2015 Farah
Encounter [C-Movie] 2016 Farah
Turnaround Day (C-Movie) 2016 Raiona
The Game of Selection (Slumdog Millionaire C-Remake) 2016 Raiona
Tam Cam: The Untold Story 2016 Raiona
Past Lover/Lover of Days Past (C+K Movie) 2015 Raiona
City of Fantasy / The City of Fantasies (C-Movie) 2015 Raiona
 city Hunter (Japanese Adoption)  2017  Raiona
Brotherhood of the Blade Prequel/ Brotherhood of Blades 2 (C-Movie) ######## Raiona
First Love (C-Movie) 2015 Raiona
 Kang Fu Yoga 2016 Raiona
Kung Fu Robot 2017 Raiona
Mekong River / Operation Mekong (C-Movie) WORKING 2016 Raiona
The Bride / Corpse memory (TW-Movie) 2015  Raiona
Distance (C- Movie) WORKING Raiona
 Cat a Wabb (Thai Movie) 2015  HenMaA
Our Ten Years / Days of Our Own 2015 Farah
Kill Me Heal Me  (C-Movie Remake) Raiona
Printed Skin 3 (C-Movie)  2016 Raiona
A Lister Fall From The Sky   2015 Raiona
Yellow Flowers On The Green Grass / Dear Brother / I See Yellow Flowers On The Green Grass /  Tôi Thấy Hoa Vàng Trên Cỏ Xanh – Ái Phương (Vietnamese Movie)  10.2.15  Raiona
Pali Road (C-Movie) 2015 Raiona
Journey to the West: Spider’s Cave 2016 Raiona
 The Ten Deadly Sins (C-WebDrama)  2016  HenMaA
 Intial  D 2 (HK-Movie) 2016 Raiona
Wen Nuan De Xian (C-Movie)  2016 Raiona
The Starry Sky (by Fei Wo Si Cun) (C-Drama/Movie Adoption) 2017 Raiona
Summer, Nineteen-Year-Old Portrait (Natsu, Jukyusai No Shozo) / Summer Potrait of A 19 years Old / Edge of Innocence (C-Movie Adoption)  2016  Raiona
Miracles of the Namiya General Store (C-Movie Adoption)  2016 Raiona
Man Man Qin Luo (C-Movie)  2016 Raiona
Flower in the Mirror (C-Movie)  2016  Raiona
 Deadly Countdown (C-Movie)  2016  Raiona
 Reset (C+K-Movie)  2016  Raiona
 Love’s Parcel (C-Movie)  2016  Raiona
 Who sleeps my bro / Brother who sleeps in the top bank (C-Movie)   April, 2016  Raiona
 21 Karat (C-Movie)  2017  Raiona
 Teacher’s Diary  (Thai-Movie) WORKING  2015  Raiona
The Deadly Reclaim / Call of Heroes (C-Movie) WORKING  2016  Raiona
 The Mysterious Family  March 17, 2016  Raiona
The Last Warrior  (C-Movie) 2016 Memnun
Beauty Inside Chinese Remake  (C-Movie) 2016 Memnun
28-Year-Old Minor / Suddenly Seventeen (C-Movie) 2016 Memnun
Heirs [C-movie Adoption] 2016  Memnun
 Xuan Zang (C-Movie) WORKING 2016 Raiona
Temujin Legend (C-Movie) 2017 Raiona
 Impossible (C-Movie)  2016  Raiona
 Nazha: Fighting the East Sea / Nazha: Da Nao Dong Hai  2016  Raiona
Novoland: The Dream Spinner / Jiu Zhou Hua Xu Yin  2016  Raiona
 Beijing  2016  Raiona
 Ex Files 3 20 16  Raiona
 The Precipice Game (C-Movie)  2016  Raiona
 Wonderful Friends (C-Movie)  2016  Raiona
The New Year’s Eve of Old Lee  [C-movie] 2016 Memnun
 Black  & White  (C-Movie) 2016  Raiona
 The Wasted Times / The Wasted Time(C-Movie)  2016  Raiona
 Crosscurrent (C-Movie)  2016  Raiona
 Once Promised + Lost You Forever (C-Movie Adoptations)  2017  Raiona
 Go Princess Go (C-Movie)  2017  Raiona
 The Tenants Downstairs (C-Movie)  2016  Raiona
Superman vs. Batman / Batman (C Drama/Movie Adoptation) 2017 Raiona
Trump vs. Trump / Tramp Card vs. Tramp Card / Mission Milano 2016 Raiona
Hell Lovers (C-Movie)  2016  Raiona
 Chibi Maruko chan (C-Movie Adoption) 2016  Raiona
Chu Qiao Zhuan (C-Movie)  2016  Raiona
 Chong Zi (C-Movie Adoptation)  2016  Raiona
 Europe Raiders / 欧洲攻略 / European Raiders / Ouzhou Gonglue (C+HK+Hollywood Collab starring Kris Wu)  2016  Raiona
 Nursery  (C-Movie)  2016  Raiona
 Shanghai Bund / Rules of the Game (C-Movie Trilogy)  2017  Raiona
 Ding Feng  Raiona
 One Night Only WORKING  Raiona
Sword Master  Raiona
 Wedding Bible  Raiona
 I Am Not Madame Bovary  Raiona
 Journey to the West : Chinese Odyssey / Journey to the West: Love You a Thousand Year: Chinese Odyssey /A Chinese Odyssey (starring Tao)  Raiona
 Monster Hunt Sequel  (C- Movie) 2018  Raiona
 Legend Knight (C-Movie)  2016  Raiona
Shou hun ru yu 守婚如玉 (Starring  Wallace Huo) (C-Movie)  2016  Raiona
Trespassing from Your World / Passing from your World  (C-Movie) (Zhang Jiajia adoption)  2016  Raiona
Out of Control [C-movie] 2016 Memnun
Descendant of the Sun C-movie 2016 Memnun
 The Great Escape / Min Yue Ji Shi You 明月几时有 (Zhou Xun and Wallace Huo, Eddie Peng) (C Movie)  2016  Raiona
Season of Plastic Surgery [C web-movie] Memnun
Rush Delivery / Express Delivery / Shanghai Express / Super Express 2016 Raiona
I Belonged to You (C-Movie) 2016 Raiona
This War of Mine / This War / My War (C-Movie) 2016 Raiona
 Goddess Era (C-Movie)  2016  Raiona
Ordinary People 2017 Raiona
 The Bittersweet (C-Movie)  Raiona
Emperors Cook Up a Storm / The Battle of King Chef [Sarring Yonghwa+Tang Yan] 2016 Memnun
The Devotion of Suspect X 2016 Memnun
The Chinese Widow (C-Movie) 2016 Raiona
The Warriors gate / Warrior’s Gate / Yong Shi Zhi Men (C-Movie) 2016 Raiona
L.O.R.D: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties (C-Movie) 2016 Raiona
The Great Wall / Chang Cheng (C-Movie) 2016 Raiona
Cold War 2 WORKING 2016 Raiona
At Cafe 6 (C-Movie) 2016 Raiona
The Three-Body Problem / 3 Body (C-Movie) Jul-16 Raiona
Follow You / Zang Di Bai Pi Shu (C-Movie) 20 August 2016 Raiona
Paris Raiders (C-Movie) 2016 Raiona
Journey to the West: Conquering Demons 2 (C-Movie) (Starring Kris Wu) (C-Movie) 2016 Raiona
The Doolittle Raid (C-K Movie) 2-Sep-16 Raiona
The Missing Piece / Ai Shang Que Jiao Zu ######## Raiona
I Love Binlang (TW-Movie) Raiona
Summer’s Desire (C-Movie) WORKING 2015 Raiona
This Is Me (C-Movie) WORKING ######## Raiona
The Bombing (C-Movie) 2016 Raiona
Unforgiven (C-Movie) 20162016 Raiona
Lady in the Portrait (C-Movie) 2015 Raiona
Gourmet King (C-Movie) 2016 Raiona
Twins (C-Movie) 2016 Raiona
Love Me if You Dare (When He Comes Close Your Eyes) [C-Movie] 2015 Memnun
Kill Time (C-Movie) WORKING 2016 Raiona
Railroad Tigers (C-Movie) 2016 Raiona
The Invincible 12 (C-Movie) 2015 Raiona
Memory Lost (C-Movie) 2015 Memnun
Road to Mandalay (C-Movie) Summer 2016 Raiona
Go Fighting / The Ultimate Challenge / Royal Treasure (C -Movie) WORKING May, 2016 Raiona
Skiptrace WORKING 2016 Raiona
Witch Chinese Remake (C-Movie) 2016 Memnun
Chinese Paladin Movie (C-Movie) 2016 Memnun
Girls 2 (C-Movie) 1-Apr-17 Raiona
The Tibat Code (C-Movie) 2016 Raiona
Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms / San Sheng San Shi Shi Li Tao Hua / Once Upon A Time (C-Movie) 2016 Raiona
Ghost Blows out the Candle: Demon’s 9th Tower/Floor (C-Movie) 2015 Raiona
Good Morning Paris / Morning, Paris! / City Believe in Love (C-Movie) 2016 Raiona
Three / Three on the Road (C-Movie) WORKING 2016 Raiona
Tik Tok (C+K Movie) WORKING 2016 Raiona
Kite Flying / Biyeon (working title) (C+k-Movie) 2016 Memnun
Chongtian huo / Raging Fire 2015 Raiona
New Eternal Waves 2016 Memnun
It’s Started with a Kiss (C+K+TW-Movie) 2016 Raiona
Life Is Like a Dream (C-Movie) 2016 Raiona
Rescuing Flying Tigers (C-Movie) Spring, 2016 Raiona
Summer Tears in Paradise / Sweet Sixteen (C-Movie) 2017 Raiona
Hourglass / Left Ear Sequel (C-Movie) Summer, 2016 Raiona
Pride & Prejudice (C-Movie) Winter, 2016 Raiona
The Disguiser Prequel 2016 Memnun
234 Say I Love You / Another Woman (C-Movie) 2015 Raiona
Forever Love / Time in Beijing (C-Movie) 2015 Raiona
Crying Out Love in the Center of the World / Crying Out in Love / Socrates in Love (C-Movie) August 26th, 2016 Raiona
Beautiful Accident (C-Movie) 2016 Raiona
Legend of Wukong / Biography of Wukong (C-Movie) 2016 Raiona
Scandal Makers (C-Movie) 2016 Raiona
Once a Thief (C-Movie) 2016 Raiona
A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated  / Gu Feng Bu Zi Shang / General and I (C-Movie) December 2015 Raiona
Qi Yue & An Sheng / Soulmate (C-Movie) 2016 Raiona
Shut Up and Fall in Love (C-Movie) 2016 Raiona
Orient House / Orient Palace (C-Movie) 2016 Raiona
I love a Cat Demon  [C-Movie] 2016 Memnun
Snow Queen / 雪女王 (C-Movie Adoptation) (by Yang Yang)  2017  Raiona
 Detective Hawthorne / Hawthrone Holmes / Huo sang tan an ji (C-Movie) (starring Han Geng)  2017  Raiona
No One’s Life is Easy (Starring Park Chanyeol and Seohyun) Memnun
Battle of Memories (C-Movie) December 2016 Raiona
 The Rise of Phoenixes  2017  Raiona
 Smells Like Teen Spirit  2017  Raiona
 Black Fairytale  2017  Raiona
 Love Ali  2017  Raiona
 The Last Race July 2016  Raiona
 The Promised Day / 应许之日) (by Xin Yi Wu) (C-Movie Adoptation)  2017 Raiona
Yao Mao Zhuan / 妖猫传 / Legend of the Demon Cat / Biography of A Demon Cat / The Legend of Cat Demon / Kukai / KU-KAI / 沙门空海  / Sha Men Kong Hai / Samon Kukai Tou no Kuni nite Oni to Utagesu / Samon Kuukai (Japanese Novel Adoptation) (J + C-Movie starring Huang Xuan, Zhao Li Yang, Chen Kun, Wang Jun Kai)  2017 Raiona
The Monkey King 3 (Starring Feng Shaofeng) Raiona
Chinese Odyssey 3 Raiona
Bad Sister  Raiona
 Falcon  Raiona
 Hide and Seek / High And Seek / 捉迷藏 / Zhuomicang (starring Wallace Huo)  2016  Raiona
热血高校之青禾男高 /e gaoxiao zhi qing he nan gao 2016 Raiona
A Nail Clippers Romance / 指甲刀人魔  2016  Raiona
Lost in White 2016 Raiona
 For A Few Bullets  Raiona
 Line Walkers WORKING  Raiona
 Inverse Material / Martial Universe / Wu Dong Qian  Kun (starring Yang Yang)  2017  Raiona
 Making Family (C+K Movie)  Raiona
 The Moon and The Sun  2016  Raiona
 Meg (starring Fan bingbing)  2017  Raiona
 Valérian and the City of a Thousand Planets (starring Kris Wu)  2017  Raiona
 The Legend of the Mengol King  2017  Raiona
 Dynasty Warriors  2017  Raiona
 Meteor  Garden (Movie Adoption )  Raiona
Evil Minds / 心理罪画像  2017 Raiona
Chasing After Criminals / A Criminal’s Mentality – Light of The City / Hyde’s / 缉凶者 (starring Liu Shishi, Ethan Ruan & Deng Chao) 2017 Raiona
 Reverse Life / 反转人生  2017 Raiona
 5 Centimeters Per Second (C-Movie Adoptation )  2017  Raiona
 One Who Destroys Dream / 破梦者  Raiona
 Asura  2017  Raiona
 The Mystic Nine / Old Nine Gate (Full Series of four Movies)  2017 ~  Raiona
 Bonjour les couleurs de l’amour ( Bai Hayden & Senugri)  2016  Raiona
Legend of the Naga Pearls /  鲛珠传 (Novoland Adoption)  2017  Raiona
Dear Arehimedes / My Dear Arehimedes (EXO Sehun)  2017  Raiona
 Bleeding Steel (Jackie Chan Movie) 2017 Raiona
 未择之路 / The Road Not Taken  2017  Raiona
 Jian jun Daye / 建军大业 (starring Shu Qi, Song Jia, Luhan, Jin Dong, Wang Kai, Chen Xuedong, Ma Tian Yu, Liu Hao Ran, Oho Ou, and Kris Wu)  2017  Raiona
Eternal Doll 2018 Raiona
S Storm (starring Vic Chou)  2016  Raiona
 My Egg Boy / My Egg Man (starring Ariel Lin)  2016  Raiona
 Bounty Hunters 2 / spin-off  2017  Raiona
 Cities Still Believe in Love  2016  Raiona
 Man Instruction Manual  2016  Raiona
 The Ferryman / Bai Du Ren (Toni Wei, Tang Wei, Takashi Kenishiro, Jun Ji Hyun)  2017  Raiona
 Circle of Death / 死亡循环  2017  Raiona
Perfect Imperfection / I’m a Virgo / 我是处女座  2016  Raiona
Yi Dai Yao Jing / 一代妖精 (Liu Yi Fei & Feng Shao Feng)  2017 Raiona
 The Village of No Return / The Village That Forgets  Jan, 2017  Raiona
 Forever Young  2017  Raiona
 Rise the Winds, Break the Waves / 乘风破浪 / Cheng Feng Polang (starring Deng Chao)  2017  Raiona





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