Koi Suru Napolitan – Seekai De Ichiban Oishii Aisarekata (J-Movie) (2010)

    Koi Suru Napolitan – Seekai De Ichiban Oishii Aisarekata (J-Movie) (2010)
  • Title : Koi Suru Napolitan – Seekai De Ichiban Oishii Aisarekata (J-Movie) (2010)
  • Alternative Title(s) : Eternal First Love / 恋するナポリタン 世界で一番おいしい愛され方
  • Hardsubbed or Softsubbed: Softsubbed
  • English Subtitles: Yes
  • Number of Episodes: 01
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): September 11, 2010
  • More Info: http://asianmediawiki.com/Eternal_First_Love
  • Summary:

    Takeshi (Takashi Tsukamoto), an Italian restaurant chef, and Ruri (Saki Aibu) could have been lovers, but Takeshi was too comfortable with their current relationship that he chose to stay best friends with her. Now, when Ruri is engaged to another man, he runs through the night of Tokyo to tell her something important, but right as he stands in front of Ruri, an unfortunate accident takes his life away. However, a twist of fate brings them back together once again in an ironic situation.

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    Koi Suru Napolitan – Seekai De Ichiban Oishii Aisarekata (J-Movie) (2010), 8.6 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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      Encoder’s Comments: I really really liked this movie. Saki-chan is cute as always and I love the ending. The story was set and paced beautifully too.

      Edit: I just re-watched it and I remembered that the subs are out of sync. If you’re using VLC, just hit the  letter “G” with the file open until you see “Subtitle delay -21300”. I don’t know if there are other subs since I never checked but feel free to use other subs as I didn’t hardsub it. Just make sure the subs have the same file name as the vid.


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      Koi_Suru_Napolitan__Seekai_De_Ichiban_Oishii_Aisarekata_stormai.part1.rar safelinking.net/p/bafde164af
      Koi_Suru_Napolitan__Seekai_De_Ichiban_Oishii_Aisarekata_stormai.part2.rar safelinking.net/p/4cd0c961a6
      Koi_Suru_Napolitan__Seekai_De_Ichiban_Oishii_Aisarekata_stormai.part3.rar safelinking.net/p/42eef388f2


      Password: doramax264

      Koi_Suru_Napolitan__Seekai_De_Ichiban_Oishii_Aisarekata_stormai.part1.rar urlsnub.com/9hpq
      Koi_Suru_Napolitan__Seekai_De_Ichiban_Oishii_Aisarekata_stormai.part2.rar urlsnub.com/h7u
      Koi_Suru_Napolitan__Seekai_De_Ichiban_Oishii_Aisarekata_stormai.part3.rar urlsnub.com/h9sa


      Koi_Suru_Napolitan__Seekai_De_Ichiban_Oishii_Aisarekata_stormai.part1.rar urlink.at/Yg5bI
      Koi_Suru_Napolitan__Seekai_De_Ichiban_Oishii_Aisarekata_stormai.part2.rar urlink.at/Z0HOV
      Koi_Suru_Napolitan__Seekai_De_Ichiban_Oishii_Aisarekata_stormai.part3.rar urlink.at/uHFA1


      Koi_Suru_Napolitan__Seekai_De_Ichiban_Oishii_Aisarekata_stormai.part1.rar lix.in/-bdd5c6
      Koi_Suru_Napolitan__Seekai_De_Ichiban_Oishii_Aisarekata_stormai.part2.rar lix.in/-c0e308
      Koi_Suru_Napolitan__Seekai_De_Ichiban_Oishii_Aisarekata_stormai.part3.rar lix.in/-c3f04a


      Koi_Suru_Napolitan__Seekai_De_Ichiban_Oishii_Aisarekata_stormai.part1.rar www.relink.us/f/2baf9fd907f899bca79ce5b1a8158f
      Koi_Suru_Napolitan__Seekai_De_Ichiban_Oishii_Aisarekata_stormai.part2.rar www.relink.us/f/4cb642e4d0adfb15df6d8b529cfaab
      Koi_Suru_Napolitan__Seekai_De_Ichiban_Oishii_Aisarekata_stormai.part3.rar www.relink.us/f/67dc98c8f2946aa976158fbca5ea50


      Koi_Suru_Napolitan__Seekai_De_Ichiban_Oishii_Aisarekata_stormai.part1.rar safelinking.net/p/66e707ff02
      Koi_Suru_Napolitan__Seekai_De_Ichiban_Oishii_Aisarekata_stormai.part2.rar safelinking.net/p/5a09f4b339
      Koi_Suru_Napolitan__Seekai_De_Ichiban_Oishii_Aisarekata_stormai.part3.rar safelinking.net/p/0bde521885


      Koi_Suru_Napolitan__Seekai_De_Ichiban_Oishii_Aisarekata_stormai.part1.rar www.queenshare.com/b0v6wptk9iky
      Koi_Suru_Napolitan__Seekai_De_Ichiban_Oishii_Aisarekata_stormai.part2.rar www.queenshare.com/024lfxj3z6zq
      Koi_Suru_Napolitan__Seekai_De_Ichiban_Oishii_Aisarekata_stormai.part3.rar www.queenshare.com/x0h2bkn84e6o


      Koi_Suru_Napolitan_Seekai_De_Ichiban_Oishii_Aisarekata_stormai.part1.rar ilix.in/d9ivE
      Koi_Suru_Napolitan_Seekai_De_Ichiban_Oishii_Aisarekata_stormai.part2.rar ilix.in/vlLnR
      Koi_Suru_Napolitan_Seekai_De_Ichiban_Oishii_Aisarekata_stormai.part3.rar ilix.in/MOQlK


      Koi_Suru_Napolitan_Seekai_De_Ichiban_Oishii_Aisarekata_stormai.part1.rar www.relink.us/f/08302412673d7573ad42cbc48fd6e1
      Koi_Suru_Napolitan_Seekai_De_Ichiban_Oishii_Aisarekata_stormai.part2.rar www.relink.us/f/84a6b60f978ba84cd11a91c918732d
      Koi_Suru_Napolitan_Seekai_De_Ichiban_Oishii_Aisarekata_stormai.part3.rar www.relink.us/f/833c40ab04c6dfb3d0b5a71c48f559

      GD Star Rating
      Koi Suru Napolitan – Seekai De Ichiban Oishii Aisarekata (J-Movie) (2010), 8.6 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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