The Malay Chronicles: Bloodlines (Malay-movie) (2011)

    The Malay Chronicles: Bloodlines (Malay-movie) (2011)
  • Title : The Malay Chronicles: Bloodlines (Malay-movie) (2011)
  • Alternative Title(s) : Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa, Clash Of Empires: The Battle For Asia
  • Hardsubbed or Softsubbed: Hardsubbed
  • English Subtitles: Yes
  • Fansub: Other
  • Number of Episodes: 1
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): March 10, 2011
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    The film opens with a mysterious man writing about their history so that they would be remembered always and they would not forgotten the history of the early hero’s. In the year 120 AD, the powerful Roman Empire, under the reign of Hadrian, had expanded its rule to the Central Asian countries. During their time of expanding, the great Roman Empire agreed to create an alliance with the Han Dynasty by marrying their two prince and princess, thus uniting the two powers of east and west. The Roman prince Marcus Carprenius (Gavin Stenhouse) did not agree with the decision instead he would like to be free and not controlled. The Han’s Dynasty princess, Meng Li Hua (Jing Lusi) also wanted to be free instead being trapped by loyal treatment.

    The Roman fleet sailed off from the coast of Arabia to the mysterious peninsula dividing the two great kingdoms. The Roman fleet were attacked by a strong storm and caused the Roman to lose half of their fleet. They instead went to the coast of Goa. They are greeted by a local Goan dealer (Mano Maniam) and later introduced Merong Mahawangsa (Stephen Rahman-Hughes), said to be the desendent of the Alexander the great. Merong is preparing a duel against Sunder (Ravi Sunderlingam), The Goan Warrior after Merong having a secret relationship with the prince wife, Yasodharā (Deborah Henry). Merong easily defeats Sunder and Marcus is impressed by Merong’s fighting skill. After an agreement between Merong and Marcus, Merong agreed to escort Marcus to the peninsula while Lycius (Eric Karl Henrik Norman), the Roman fleet admiral returns to Rome and returned with a brand new fleet. In exchange Merong will have a large ship enough to explore the known world.

    Merong escorted Marcus to the peninsula and is greeted by the Chinese Admiral Liu Yun (Craig Robert Fong). Merong tell’s Marcus and Liu Yun that this peninsula was where he grew up and the peninsula is own by several tribes. The night before the marriage, Meng Li Hua and her close personal friend, Ying Ying (Nell Ng) agreed to run away and begins a new life in the peninsula. But Marcus followed Meng and they met and became closer after a brief talk near a river. In the mornings, The Chinese and the Romans are attacked by the pirate nation, Garuda. The Garuda leader, Taji (Wan Hanafi Su) uses black magic and sorcery before they attacked to weaken their enemy’s. Meng and Ying Ying is kidnapped by Kamawas (Khir Rahman). Marcus tried to stopped Kamawas but is stabbed and falls into the sea. Heavily outnumbered, The Chinese and the Romans are easily defeated and Merong, enraged by believing Marcus is dead kills most of the Geruda fighters but is heavily injured and he passed out.

    Merong woke up seeing he is getting treated by a tribe leader named Kesum (Rahim Razali). Kesum and Embok (Ummi Nazeera), one of the villagers nurses treat Merong until he is well enough to fight again. Merong learns that Kesum and Taji was students to a once great magician and a brave warrior. Taji wanted the great magician amulet of immortality. Taji killed the great magician during his sleep and led a small band of fighters to terrorize the villages and Taji also killed Merong Mother, Lang (Umie Aida). Embok was once raped by Kamawas during a raid and Merong swore revenge to Kamawas. Kesum told Merong of a prophecy that a great warrior will come and unites all the tribe into one and defeat the enemy. Kesum believes that Merong is the one. After hearing the prophecy, Merong became Kesum student and began uniting the tribes.

    In the island of Geruda, Meng and Ying Ying are held captives for ransoms by Taji and Kamawas. Meng and Ying Ying manages to steal Kamawas a piece of the amulet of immortality. After Merong manages to unite all the tribes, they became one kingdom knows as Langkasuka and began Civilization. Merong then suddenly is met by Liu Yen, Marcus (who was saved by Liu Yun and gets treated) and a small group of soldiers. Liu Yen told Merong that they have to save the princess before she gets killed. Merong is then given a ship full of mirrors by Liu Yun. As Merong prepares his fighters to invade the island of Garuda, Embok tells Merong that she loves him.

    Merong launches an attack toward Garuda in the mornings. But Geruda prepares their ships and outnumbered Merong fighters. Merong revealed that he uses the ship full with mirrors to create a similar weapon to Archimedes Heat Ray and uses it to burn all the Geruda ships and boats. But Taji uses sorcery to make storms and cover the sun with black sky, Making the weapon useless. After an heroic speech, Merong and his fighter attacks and land on the beaches. After a brief fight, Merong fighters manage to take control the beach but another wave of Garuda fighters led by Taji came in to destroy Merong fighters. Merong fighters fight to their death while Marcus confronts Kamawas, but Kamawas defeated Marcus easily. Before Kamawas could finish Marcus off, Liu Yen came in to stop Kamawas but is killed in the process. most of Merong fighters are killed. but shortly after, A large fleet made of the Romans and the Chinese, Led by Admiral Lycius came and attacks Garuda. Merong arrives to save Marcus and confronts Kamawas. After a brief duel, Kamawas is finally defeated. Merong tries to kill Taji but is stabbed. Merong made a sacrifice by taking the amulet off and pushing the sword forward, thus killing them both. Right after Merong dies, The Romans and the chinese attack and finish off the last of the Garuda and ending the battle.

    Some years after the great battle, it is revealed that the mysterious man is Sultan Mudzafar Shah (Hafizuddin Fadzil) writing about the history of Merong Mahawangsa in the Kedah Annals. Sultan Mudzafar Shah tells that Langkasuka is know a great and a proud Kingdom. The film ends with Merong pronounce a hero and the first king of Langkasuka.


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