Sweet Sex and Love (Movie) – Not 4 Kids

    Sweet Sex and Love (Movie) – Not 4 Kids
  • Title : Sweet Sex and Love (Movie) – Not 4 Kids
  • Alternative Title(s) : Masitneun sex geurigo sarang
  • Number of Episodes: 1
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): 2003-06-20
  • More Info: http://asianmediawiki.com/The_Sweet_Sex_and_Love
  • Summary:

    Shin-ah is a free spirited modern woman. Dong-gi is a young man who endlessly searches for something new and exciting. The unexpected encounter between them turns an ordinary night into an unforgettable one. Breaking up with her boyfriend, Shin-ah decides to meet Dong-gi again who calls her out of the blue after their first passionate encounter. The two madly fall in love and the romance begins. But is this just a short lived romance based on hot sex and more sex? Or will they find what they’ve both been looking for?

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    Sweet Sex and Love (Movie) - Not 4 Kids, 7.2 out of 10 based on 83 ratings

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