Ugly Duck|ing $eries (2015) (Thai-Drama)

    Ugly Duck|ing $eries (2015) (Thai-Drama)
  • Title : Ugly Duck|ing $eries (2015) (Thai-Drama)
  • Alternative Title(s) : Ugly Duckling Series / ลูกเป็ดขี้เหร่
  • Hardsubbed or Softsubbed: Softsubbed
  • English Subtitles: Yes
  • Other Fansub: Credit to original subbers
  • Number of Episodes: 31+3
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): May 17, 2015 --- December 20, 2015
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    Junior (Mook) is a pretty and rich young miss who’s living a happy life, has lots of friends and a handsome boyfriend. One day, she decides to do plastic surgery because she couldn’t stand her friends saying how big her cheeks was. She does it without knowing that she is allergic to chemicals, and that causes acne/pimples all over her face. After the incident, her friends and boyfriend starts ditching her by giving excuses. She can’t stand the social life she’s living among (where everyone is disgusted by her), so she begs her parents to study at a college in the countryside to have a treatment at the college’s hospital, and to follow her dream guy from her favorite fiction. And that’s where she meets Seua (Push), a very handsome cheeky guy.



    As it continue from perfect match. Alice (Neen) she climbed up a tree to take photos,as she took pictures, she saw a boy/man which is Aston (Mouse) sitting on a bench beneath the tree she climbed. She basically liked the boy so she took pictures of him. Aston looked up at her and Alice got shocked and fell down the tree. When she fell down the tree she had to got to the hospital. When she woke up after her long unconscious she basically lost her memories. You cant really say its amnesia but lets just say she lost her memories. Here comes Fuyu (Nicky) he was with her when she went to the hospital. He gave her a journal to write things down if when she doesn’t remember anything he look back at it. Alice have two friends which is Chicha (Marie) and Chicha’s boyfriend BM (New). When school started Aston came back from america, (Aston went when she feel from the tree). Things started to happen. What will happen next? Watch to know what happens.



    Maewnam is a girl who suffered from trauma as a child, she had confessed to a boy she liked, but was rejected and called ugly. This started a chain, in which the other children also called her ugly. Every since that accident she had always worn a box over her head and had always stayed at home not interacting with anyone.Though, with the help of Minton, a sweet, flirty, genuine boy who befriends her, and a rude, rowdy, bad boy, Zero, who always creates troubles. Seem to help her get through this now new school life, which she hasn’t gone to for 3 years.



    Happily living alone in her family’s pension, Mami (Esther) vows to die before dating a man, after her mother catches on to her secret girl crush. So her mother rents out the house to three guys in hopes to bring her daughter around. But when Mami gets pulled into someone else’s romance problems, she begs her new roommate C.U. (Shaun), to be her fake boyfriend.​



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