Be¢ɑusɇ of Yøu (C-Drama) (2017) (17 Sub I 18 RAW)

    Be¢ɑusɇ of Yøu (C-Drama) (2017) (17 Sub I 18 RAW)
  • Title : Be¢ɑusɇ of Yøu (C-Drama) (2017) (17 Sub I 18 RAW)
  • Alternative Title(s) : Y1n We1 Y0 J1an N1; Becau$e 0f Meetin9 Y0u;
  • Hardsubbed or Softsubbed: Softsubbed
  • English Subtitles: Yes
  • Number of Episodes: 56
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): Mar 2, 2017 to Apr 4, 2017
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  • Summary:

    [email protected] Gu0 Gu0 grew up in a Wonton shop and is also the food-delivery girl for the town. Although Gu0 Gu0 did not receive very high education, she is loved by her neighborhood because of her enthusiastic and sincere personality. But what people don’t know is that Gu0 Gu0 is actually a famous embroidery workshop boss‘s daughter, and an accident caused her to grow up in the small town. Gu0 Gu0 has a unique talent when it comes to embroidery. Even though Wan9 A1 Y0 strongly opposes it, Gu0 Gu0 worked with dedication and persistence until she gained approval and earned a chance to study at her father’s embroidery workshop. Gu0 Gu0 is very grateful for Wan9 A1 Y0 for raising her, so she views Wan9 A1 Y0’s biological daughter, Zhan9 Y0 X1n, as her own family. Unexpectedly, Y0 X1n turns out to be Gu0 Gu0’s biological mother X0 Hu1 J1e’s apprentice. Y0 X1n had studied design overseas and integrated that knowledge into her embroidery, and became Gu0 Gu’s rival. On the road to pursuing their dreams, the two girls meet brothers L1 Y0n Ka1 and L1 Y0n Zh3, and 0blossoms. Y0 X1n lost herself to fame and wealth, but Gu0 Gu0, despite challenges and setbacks, never changed her goal to learn embroidery. Ultimately, Gu0 Gu0 used her heart to awaken everyone’s conscience and made great achievements in embroidery.

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      Encoded by RAIONA: 450p

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      File Size: 120mb +/-

      Resolution: 450p 

      Multiuploader: Mirrorcreator

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      E51 E52 E53 E54 E55 E56 END

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      It’s the Remake of Following Drama…

      C0mɇ Jⱥn9 Bø R1 (K-Drama) (2014)


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      ๑ Encoder : KiraLamperouge

      ๑ Resolution : 480p

      ๑ Format: mkv

      ๑ Note: Viki’s Version – Without Chinese Hard-Sub

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