Ngao [email protected] (2015) (Thai-Drama)

    Ngao J@i (2015) (Thai-Drama)
  • Title : Ngao [email protected] (2015) (Thai-Drama)
  • Alternative Title(s) : Shadow of the Heart / Heart's Shadow
  • Hardsubbed or Softsubbed: Hardsubbed
  • English Subtitles: Yes
  • Other Fansub: Shadow Hunters [email protected]
  • Number of Episodes: 15
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): January 26, 2015
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  • Summary:

    This drama tells the story of two male twins, Watit and Rut (Toomtam), who were separated from each other, leading completely different lives. One twin belongs to the high society in the big city while the other one leads a modest but good life in the countryside. When Watit, the twin from the big city gets hurt by someone, the father asks Rut, the other twin to take the life of his severely ill twin, leading a life under his name by pretending to be his unknown brother in hope to find the person who tried to kill his brother. The main heroine, Maytinee (Vill), is the bride-to-be of Watit. But their engagement is only based of a business deal and not of affection. When his brother replaces him, she doesn’t notice the substitution at first and marries him anyway. But she gradually begins to realize that he is a different man, falling slow in love with his different attitude.

    • Rut: The older twin who’s a solemn man who has to disguise as Watit, his younger twin, to find out who tried to kill him. Consequently, Rut and Maytinee’s affair befalls under a shadow of Watit.
    • Watit: Rut’s younger twin who’s euphemistic and weak because he has a congenital disease. He beleives that true love exits and he’s willing to do anything for Maytinee, the woman he loves. But unfortunately, he becomes unconscious (in a vegetable state). Therefore, he didn’t spend much time with the woman he loves.
    • Maytinee: A gentle girl who’s willing to do anything for her family’s sake, even marrying Watit, the man whom she doesn’t love. Until she got closer with Rut, the older twin in Watit’s disguise, she has good feelings toward him; the feelings she never felt before.
    • Angkoon: The nephew of his step-father, Wit. He’s hot-tempered, envious, ambitious, and pessimistic. He always thinks he’s the victim, and that causes a scar in his heart which makes him want to outdo Watit in everything, even in love.

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