C. L. I. F. 2 (2013) (SG-Drama) (2014) (Completed)

    C. L. I. F. 2 (2013) (SG-Drama) (2014) (Completed)
  • Title : C. L. I. F. 2 (2013) (SG-Drama) (2014) (Completed)
  • English Subtitles: Yes
  • Number of Episodes: 20
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): 18 February – 15 March 2013
  • More Info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C.L.I.F._2
  • Summary:

    The series continues from where C.L.I.F. left off with new cases and new cast members. Yew Jia (Qi Yuwu) is now a Senior Investigating Officer and has begun a relationship with Xin Yi (Joanne Peh), who had partnered with him in the CID on a temporary transfer. Former uniformed officer Kok Hung (Andie Chen) was recently transferred to the Special Investigations Section in the CID. Seetoh Yan (Aileen Tan) remains in charge but is assigned as Head Investigation Officer as well.

    Yew Jia is assigned a new partner Jimmy (Cavin Soh), a veteran policeman, and their friendship begins awkwardly when Jimmy accidentally mistook Yew Jia for a molester and “arrests” him. Kok Hung’s follow-the-book approach does not bode well with his partners as he has to learn to adjust to a different way of approaching cases than he was used to during his days on uniformed patrol at a NPC. His superior is Tse Keat (Rui En), a headstrong career woman who has yet to find her other half. When her long-time colleague and forensics expert Lantian (Li Nanxing) challenges her to meet someone as a speed-dating event, not wanting to lose the wager, she accepts. Xin Yi’s dream comes true when she earns a transfer to the CID and assigned to the Serious Sexual Crimes Branch. She meets the resident medical examiner Dr Chow (Thomas Ong) and becomes torn between him and Yew Jia.

    The officers from the different branches at Tanglin Police Division work together to tackle all sorts of cases ranging from misdemeanours such as theft to more major cases such as violent crime, elaborate scams and prostitution. Unfortunately for some, their personal lives interfere with their jobs and they are forced to make difficult decisions. Kok Hung is grief-stricken when his fiancée is murdered and struggles to keep his emotions in check. Seetoh Yan gets a shock of her life when her usually mild-mannered son becomes a suspect in separate rape and assault cases. Xin Yi becomes worried her sister Jen is hanging out with the wrong crowd when Jen becomes a suspect in one of Yew Jia’s cases. Keat’s memory of her own sister’s disappearance and murder returns to haunt her during a series of kidnapping-cum-murder investigations and the similarities in modus operandi leads her to suspect the same perpetrator has returned. Meanwhile, a dashing young psychologist (Pierre Png) Tse Keat and Lantian befriend is not all he seems.

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