House of Spirits [HK-Drama] (2016) [Complete]

    House of Spirits [HK-Drama] (2016) [Complete]
  • Title : House of Spirits [HK-Drama] (2016) [Complete]
  • Hardsubbed or Softsubbed: Softsubbed
  • English Subtitles: Yes
  • Number of Episodes: 31
  • Summary:

    When Po Foon’s (Bobby Au-yeung) father dies broken hearted waiting for his grown children to come to his home for dinner, Foon promises to fulfill his father’s last wish of mending his bickering family together. The Po siblings father had requested on his will that all of them must live together at his rundown home for nine months before they can sell it. At first none of Foon’s other siblings, Po Yan (Joyce Tang), Anthony Po (Jonathan Cheung) and Po Yee (Bob Cheung) agree to move in together until they found out how much their died father’s apartment unit is worth.

    Po Foon, the oldest of the Po siblings is not respected by his younger siblings as he walked out on the family in his youth, instead of contributing to his family when he was needed the most he decided to seek his freedom and do his own thing. After the death of his father he finally understands his father’s words of “A bunch of chopsticks is stronger then one chopstick”.

    On the first day of moving to his father’s apartment Foon mysteriously meets an elder couple Bak Wah (Bowie Wu) and his wife Yi Lan (Helena Law), watching television on his couch, when he opens a dusty antique umbrella. The couple claims to live next door to him. Foon starts to notice something strange about the couple when he and his young niece seemed to be the only people that can see the couple and neighbors telling him the apartment unit next to his has been vacant for many years. Foon realizes that the Baks are ghost when he sees Bak Wah jumping off the building to retrieve his antique watch and reappearing behind Foon without a scratch.

    Foon meets certified electrician Chu Chan-chan (Nancy Wu) when she approaches him in the middle of night after learning his building had a fire scare because of electrical problems. Foon wards Chan-chan off after thinking her estimated price for the repair work is too expense, but she gets hired later by Yan who is also a former classmate of Chan-chan.

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