Love Jewelry / Ai Qing Zhu Bao [C-Drama] (2015)

    Love Jewelry / Ai Qing Zhu Bao [C-Drama] (2015)
  • Title : Love Jewelry / Ai Qing Zhu Bao [C-Drama] (2015)
  • Number of Episodes: 42
  • Summary:

    Fang Zi Yan is a girl from a poor family who sells cheap jewelry to help out the family’s finances and take care of her disabled father. Xia Luo Yi constantly tests Gong Yu Ye’s patience by constantly causing trouble within the Gong family. Her goal is get a divorce because their marriage was only a business alliance.
    One day, Xia Luo Yi left. Gong Yu Ye comes upon Fang Zi Yanwho looks exactly like his wife, so in order to comply with his grandmother’s wishes, he asks Zi Yan to pretend to be his wife in exchange for money. At first, no one questions the new Xia Luo Yi, not until the real Xia Luo Yi comes back.

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    Love Jewelry / Ai Qing Zhu Bao [C-Drama] (2015), 9.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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