Witch’s [email protected] [Drama] (2015) [Complete]

    Witch’s C@stle [Drama] (2015) [Complete]
  • Title : Witch’s [email protected] [Drama] (2015) [Complete]
  • English Subtitles: No
  • Number of Episodes: 120
  • Summary:

    Oh Dan-Byul (Choi Jung-Won) lost her parents due to her own mistake. She marries Joon-Young (Kim Jeong-Hoon), but her husband passes away. Meanwhile, her mother-in-law, Ho-Duk (Yoo Ji-In), divorces because of her husband’s infidelity and her sister-in-law, Se-Sil (Shin Dong-Mi), returns to South Korea after divorcing her Italian husband. Now, these three women live together while overcoming their own personal problems and becoming important to each other.

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