In the Realm of Success (HK-Drama) (2001) (Raw)

    In the Realm of Success (HK-Drama) (2001) (Raw)
  • Title : In the Realm of Success (HK-Drama) (2001) (Raw)
  • Alternative Title(s) : In the Realm of Success / Gung Si Luen Si Do / Gong Shi Lian Shi Duo / 公私戀事多
  • English Subtitles: No
  • Number of Episodes: 20
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): 2001-Sep-17 to 2001-Oct-12
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  • Summary:

    Chu Ho Yin (Steven Ma) has just returned to Hong Kong after studying hotel management abroad. On a bus ride home from the airport he sees a man have an epilepsy seizure, everyone else on the bus minds their own business except Ho Yin. While trying to prevent the man from biting his tongue, Ho Yin’s hand gets bitten and he begs the girl Chong Mei Kei (Nadia Chan), sitting next to the man for help. At first she refuses, but when she does Ho Yin uses her cellphone to prevent the man from biting his tongue. At the hospital Mei Kei demands Ho Yin repay for her cellphone as it seems the hospital has lost or stolen her cell phone while treating the man with a seizure. Since Ho Yin just got off a plane he only has US$20 on him, Mei Kei deems it as bad luck and takes his US$20 even though her cellphone cost HK$3000.

    After going to numerous meaningless job interviews, Ho Yin is unable to find a job. His father who happens to be head of security at a five star hotel pulls some strings and gets him a job in the public relations department at the hotel he works for. Mei Kei happens to work in the public relations department for the same hotel. Mei Kei is not happy to see Ho Yin as she sees him as a jinx since every time she encounters him she has bad luck.

    The second son of the hotel owner, Tong Chong Man (Michael Tong) comes back home from his studies abroad. His father wants him to learn about the hotel by working for every department at the hotel for a while. Since non of the department heads wants to offend his older half-brother who is the heir apparent to the hotel, they all refuse to take him in except Ho Yin’s father. After working in the security department other departments soon relentlessly let him work with them. Ho Yin and Chong Man soon becomes friends since Ho Yin is the only one that reached out to him at work.

    Not happy with just standing around, Chong Man creates an IT department at the hotel that will be in charge of creating and managing the Hotel’s website. Chong Man is unable to convince anyone to transfer to the IT department as everyone does not believe the department will succeed, except Ho Yin. Ho Yin’s father is not happy that he is transferring to the IT department since he’s afraid Ho Yin will be out of a job if the IT department does not succeed. With Ho Yin working in the IT department, Mei Kei and others soon transfer to the department too. Feelings soon develops between Ho Yin and Mei Kei due to working so closely with each other, but Chong Man also develops feelings for Mei Kei. Ho Yin knows about Chong Man’s feelings for Mei Kei and steps aside as he doesn’t want to compete with Chong Man over Mei Kei.

    Just when the IT department completes the hotel’s website, Chong Man’s older half-brother feels threaten and jealous. He gets one of the IT department workers to sabotage the presentation on the night of the website unveiling by switching the presentation film with a porn movie. Chong Man feels ashamed by the incident and hides from everyone. He older brother takes over the hotel when their father has a stroke and falls into a coma. But his older brother’s wife has become feed up with his philandering ways and has private detectives trail his every move. She uses his mistress rendezvous and hotel embezzlement evidence to blackmail him into leaving his mistress, but he calls her bluff. Upset and heartbroken by his actions she takes the evidence to the ICAC to ruin him.

    The hotel goes into serious debt because Chong Man’s older half-brother’s bad management of the hotel. In order to save the family hotel Chong Man is forced to marry his former classmate from a wealthy family. Since the hotel is still recovering financially some employees are transferred overseas to work in other hotels. Mei Kei becomes one of these employees. Even though Ho Yin knows she will be leaving Hong Kong soon, he still would not confess his feelings to her which makes Mei Kei mad at him. The night before Mei Kei is to leave Ho Yin works up the courage and ask Mei Kei to meet him at their usually location, but she is still mad at him and doesn’t show up. A typhoon hits Hong Kong and the news weather reports captures Ho Yin waiting for someone in the dangerous elements. Worried about Ho Yin Mei Kei goes to their usual place to look for him and reaches the place when Ho Yin is about to broad an ambulance. Ho Yin tells Mei Kei that he is okay, that he just has hypothermia and then confesses his feelings for her.

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