A Tale Of Mari And Three Puppies (2007) (J-Movie)

    A Tale Of Mari And Three Puppies (2007) (J-Movie)
  • Title : A Tale Of Mari And Three Puppies (2007) (J-Movie)
  • Alternative Title(s) : Mari to koinu no monogatari / A Tale Of Mari And Three Puppies
  • Hardsubbed or Softsubbed: Softsubbed
  • English Subtitles: Yes
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): 08 Dec 2007
  • More Info: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1921012/
  • Summary:

    In the small village of Yamakoshi, a dog named Mari gives birth to three puppies, much to the joy of young owners Ryota (Hiroto Ryohei) and Aya (Sasaki Mao). Soon after on October 23, 2004, a major earthquake hits the area, and entire sections of Yamakoshi are reduced to rubble. Away from home, Ryota and father Yuichi (Funakoshi Eichiro) escape the worst of it, but Aya and Grandfather Yuzo (Utsui Ken) are trapped in their collapsed house. A rescue team arrives in time to save them, but there is no room for Mari and her newborn pups on the helicopter. With the entire village evacuated and blocked off, Mari and her puppies are left to their own means in the desolate village.

    Inspired by a true story of canine heroism, A Tale of Mari and Three Puppies is a touching story of love and resilience starring some seriously adorable dogs that could give Quill a run for his money. Mari’s tale of survival against all odds became a symbol of hope for the people of Yamakoshi in the aftermath of the earthquake, and was later turned into a best-selling illustrated book from which the film is adapted. A Tale of Mari and Three Puppies is helmed by television director Inomata Ryuichi (Golden Bowl) and features music from renowned composer Hisaishi Joe.

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    A Tale Of Mari And Three Puppies (2007) (J-Movie), 7.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd2.mkv      adf.ly/1UDn4c
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd2.sub      adf.ly/1UDn4d


      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd1.idx      adf.ly/1UDn4e
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      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd1.sub      adf.ly/1UDn4g
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd2.idx      adf.ly/1UDn4h
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd2.mkv      adf.ly/1UDn4j
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd2.sub      adf.ly/1UDn4k


      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd1.idx      adf.ly/1UDn4l
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd1.mkv      adf.ly/1UDn4m
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd1.sub      adf.ly/1UDn4n
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd2.idx      adf.ly/1UDn4o
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd2.mkv      adf.ly/1UDn4p
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd2.sub      adf.ly/1UDn4q


      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd1.idx      adf.ly/1UDn4r
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd1.mkv      adf.ly/1UDn4s
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd1.sub      adf.ly/1UDn4t
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd2.idx      adf.ly/1UDn4u
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd2.mkv      adf.ly/1UDn4v
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd2.sub      adf.ly/1UDn4w


      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd1.idx      adf.ly/1UDn4x
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd1.mkv      adf.ly/1UDn4y
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd1.sub      adf.ly/1UDn4z
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd2.idx      adf.ly/1UDn50
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd2.mkv      adf.ly/1UDn51
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd2.sub      adf.ly/1UDn52


      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd1.idx      adf.ly/1UDn53
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd1.mkv      adf.ly/1UDn54
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd1.sub      adf.ly/1UDn55
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd2.idx      adf.ly/1UDn56
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd2.mkv      adf.ly/1UDn57
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd2.sub      adf.ly/1UDn58


      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd1.idx      adf.ly/1UDn59
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd1.mkv      adf.ly/1UDn5A
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd1.sub      adf.ly/1UDn5B
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd2.idx      adf.ly/1UDn5C
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd2.mkv      adf.ly/1UDn5D
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd2.sub      adf.ly/1UDn5E


      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd1.idx      adf.ly/1UDn5F
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd1.mkv      adf.ly/1UDn5G
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd1.sub      adf.ly/1UDn5H
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd2.idx      adf.ly/1UDn5I
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd2.mkv      adf.ly/1UDn5J
      A_Tale_Of_Mari_And_Three_Puppies_2007_cd2.sub      adf.ly/1UDn5K

      GD Star Rating
      A Tale Of Mari And Three Puppies (2007) (J-Movie), 7.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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