64 (Rokuyon) (J-Drama) (2015) (0 Sub | 5 Raw)

    64 (Rokuyon) (J-Drama) (2015) (0 Sub | 5 Raw)
  • Title : 64 (Rokuyon) (J-Drama) (2015) (0 Sub | 5 Raw)
  • English Subtitles: No
  • Number of Episodes: 5
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): 2015-Apr-18 to 2015-May-16
  • More Info: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4192642/
  • Summary:

    While the public relations office of D Prefectural Police is having a confrontation with the correspondents’ club, over the issue of the anonymity of perpetrators, it is decided that a Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department director will inspect the home of the family of the victim in “64”, an important unsolved case with its statute of limitation about to run out one week later. The kidnapping and murder of Shoko-chan which took place in just 7 days in 1989 (Showa 64) was the worst in D Prefectural Police’s history. The family of the deceased decline the director’s visit to offer condolences. A gag order is imposed on those involved in 64 such as the investigators at the time. An iron curtain between the Criminal Investigations Department and the Police Affairs Department. A mysterious memo. Then a new kidnapping that happens right before the director’s inspection, is a exact copycat of 64.

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    64 (Rokuyon) (J-Drama) (2015) (0 Sub | 5 Raw), 7.6 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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      64_rokuyon_Ep01_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlC
      64_rokuyon_Ep02_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlD
      64_rokuyon_Ep03_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlF
      64_rokuyon_Ep04_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlG
      64_rokuyon_Ep05_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlH


      64_rokuyon_Ep01_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlI
      64_rokuyon_Ep02_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlJ
      64_rokuyon_Ep03_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlK
      64_rokuyon_Ep04_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlL
      64_rokuyon_Ep05_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlM


      64_rokuyon_Ep01_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlN
      64_rokuyon_Ep02_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlO
      64_rokuyon_Ep03_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlP
      64_rokuyon_Ep04_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlQ
      64_rokuyon_Ep05_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlS


      64_rokuyon_Ep01_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlT
      64_rokuyon_Ep02_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlU
      64_rokuyon_Ep03_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlV
      64_rokuyon_Ep04_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlW
      64_rokuyon_Ep05_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlX


      64_rokuyon_Ep01_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlY
      64_rokuyon_Ep02_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlZ
      64_rokuyon_Ep03_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRla
      64_rokuyon_Ep04_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlb
      64_rokuyon_Ep05_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlc


      64_rokuyon_Ep01_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRld
      64_rokuyon_Ep02_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRle
      64_rokuyon_Ep03_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlf
      64_rokuyon_Ep04_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlg
      64_rokuyon_Ep05_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRli


      64_rokuyon_Ep01_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlj
      64_rokuyon_Ep02_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlk
      64_rokuyon_Ep03_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRll
      64_rokuyon_Ep03_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlm
      64_rokuyon_Ep04_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlo
      64_rokuyon_Ep05_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlp


      64_rokuyon_Ep01_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlq
      64_rokuyon_Ep02_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlr
      64_rokuyon_Ep03_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRls
      64_rokuyon_Ep04_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlu
      64_rokuyon_Ep05_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlv


      64_rokuyon_Ep01_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlx
      64_rokuyon_Ep02_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRly
      64_rokuyon_Ep03_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRlz
      64_rokuyon_Ep04_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRm0
      64_rokuyon_Ep05_720p_Aac_doa.mkv      adf.ly/1KqRm1

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      ๑ Encoder : KiraLamperouge

      ๑ Resolution :   720p

      ๑ Format : mkv


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      Episode 01 – 05: Download


      GD Star Rating
      64 (Rokuyon) (J-Drama) (2015) (0 Sub | 5 Raw), 7.6 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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