Yumi’$ RO0m (Drama) (2015) (00 SUB | 10 RAW END)

    Yumi’$ RO0m (Drama) (2015) (00 SUB | 10 RAW END)
  • Title : Yumi’$ RO0m (Drama) (2015) (00 SUB | 10 RAW END)
  • Number of Episodes: 12 (To Be Confirmed)
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): 2015-June-30 to 2015-Sep-15 | Tuesday 20:30
  • More Info: http://www.koreandrama.org/yumis-room/
  • Summary:

    This is a sitcom drama tells the story of a single lady, Yumi (Son Dam Bi), who tries to find her own happiness and what she really loves.

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    Yumi'$ RO0m (Drama) (2015) (00 SUB | 10 RAW END), 6.0 out of 10 based on 11 ratings

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    • Attention, I still haven’t found a link for subtitle. I beg you all to be patient and work together to provide information if the subtitle already available. Happy watching! :)

      Format : mkv

      Duration: 30 mins

      Resolution : 540


      Download Links:


      Yumi’s Room E01.mkv (78.9 MB)  j.gs/657c
      Yumi’s Room E02.mkv (114.5MB)  j.gs/66lh
      Yumi’s Room E03.mkv (88.7 MB)  j.gs/6GFq
      Yumi’s Room E04.mkv (88.1 MB)  j.gs/6J8U
      Yumi’s Room E05.mkv (78.2 MB)  j.gs/6J8b
      Yumi’s Room E06.mkv (80.6 MB)  j.gs/6J8v
      Yumi’s Room E07.mkv (93.6 MB)  j.gs/6MKr
      Yumi’s Room E08.mkv (74.6 MB)  j.gs/6Q5s
      Yumi’s Room E09.mkv (67.4 MB)  j.gs/6TAd
      Yumi’s Room E10 end.mkv (87.8 MB)  j.gs/6Ys1



      Yumi’s Room E01.mkv (78.9 MB)  sh.st/x4Tvb
      Yumi’s Room E02.mkv (114.5MB)  sh.st/chxEg
      Yumi’s Room E03.mkv (88.7 MB)  sh.st/vwXf3
      Yumi’s Room E04.mkv (88.1 MB)  sh.st/viZMq
      Yumi’s Room E05.mkv (78.2 MB)  sh.st/viZ9D
      Yumi’s Room E06.mkv (80.6 MB)  sh.st/viXiC
      Yumi’s Room E07.mkv (93.6 MB)  sh.st/vhbP6
      Yumi’s Room E08.mkv (74.6 MB)  sh.st/vvUgN
      Yumi’s Room E09.mkv (67.4 MB)  sh.st/vRnoH
      Yumi’s Room E10 end.mkv (87.8 MB)  sh.st/vG8r5



      Yumi’s Room E01.mkv (78.9 MB)  j.gs/657e
      Yumi’s Room E02.mkv (114.5MB)  j.gs/66lk
      Yumi’s Room E03.mkv (88.7 MB)  j.gs/6GFt
      Yumi’s Room E04.mkv (88.1 MB)  j.gs/6J8V
      Yumi’s Room E05.mkv (78.2 MB)  j.gs/6J8h
      Yumi’s Room E06.mkv (80.6 MB)  j.gs/6J8w
      Yumi’s Room E07.mkv (93.6 MB)  j.gs/6MMZ
      Yumi’s Room E08.mkv (74.6 MB)  j.gs/6Q5v
      Yumi’s Room E09.mkv (67.4 MB)  j.gs/6TB6
      Yumi’s Room E10 end.mkv (87.8 MB)  j.gs/6Ys6



      Yumi’s Room E01.mkv (78.9 MB)  j.gs/657k
      Yumi’s Room E02.mkv (114.5MB)  j.gs/66lm
      Yumi’s Room E03.mkv (88.7 MB)  j.gs/6GFs
      Yumi’s Room E04.mkv (88.1 MB)  j.gs/6J8Y
      Yumi’s Room E05.mkv (78.2 MB)  j.gs/6J8k
      Yumi’s Room E06.mkv (80.6 MB)  j.gs/6J8y
      Yumi’s Room E07.mkv (93.6 MB)  j.gs/6MMY
      Yumi’s Room E08.mkv (74.6 MB)  j.gs/6Q5w
      Yumi’s Room E09.mkv (67.4 MB)  j.gs/6TAg
      Yumi’s Room E10 end.mkv (87.8 MB)  j.gs/6Ys5



      Yumi’s Room E01.mkv (78.9 MB)  sh.st/x4YU6
      Yumi’s Room E02.mkv (114.5MB)  sh.st/chcef
      Yumi’s Room E03.mkv (88.7 MB)  sh.st/vhcQR
      Yumi’s Room E04.mkv (88.1 MB)  sh.st/viZ3W
      Yumi’s Room E05.mkv (78.2 MB)  sh.st/viXeY
      Yumi’s Room E06.mkv (80.6 MB)  sh.st/viXfq
      Yumi’s Room E07.mkv (93.6 MB)  sh.st/vhcST
      Yumi’s Room E08.mkv (74.6 MB)  sh.st/vvUxz
      Yumi’s Room E09.mkv (67.4 MB)  sh.st/vRnym
      Yumi’s Room E10 end.mkv (87.8 MB)  sh.st/vG8hE


      Encoded and Uploaded by: HiyeE
      RAW Video Version: 720p WITH
      Encoded Format: MKV
      Resolution: 480p/576p

      Download Links:
      Episode 01 = ouo.io/TPbtG
      Episode 02 = ouo.io/8Uoqb
      Episode 03 = ouo.io/csYkG
      Episode 04 = ouo.io/4K4Di
      Episode 05 = ouo.io/qM6Urg
      Episode 06 = ouo.io/asmBH
      Episode 07 = ouo.io/MnnJa
      Episode 08 = ouo.io/5jiyb
      Episode 09 = ouo.io/NShekW
      Episode 10 END = ouo.io/gx1oB

      GD Star Rating
      Yumi'$ RO0m (Drama) (2015) (00 SUB | 10 RAW END), 6.0 out of 10 based on 11 ratings

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