The Awakening Story (HK-Drama) (2001) (00 Sub | 25 Raw)

    The Awakening Story (HK-Drama) (2001) (00 Sub | 25 Raw)
  • Title : The Awakening Story (HK-Drama) (2001) (00 Sub | 25 Raw)
  • Alternative Title(s) : The Awakening Story / Fun Chin Fun Hau / Hun Qian Hun Hou / 婚前昏後
  • English Subtitles: No
  • Number of Episodes: 25
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): 2001-Sep-24 to 2001-Oct-26
  • Summary:

    This is the story of a married woman named Lam Ho Shuet (Liza Wang). She was in a car accident in the year 1984, and has been unconscious since then. 16 years later, she wakes up to find the world completely different from the world 16 years before.

    “Taiwan town treasure” known as the Hong Kong Wireless Liza, “Stern Takefu” Damian, who called the match better suited. Twenty years ago, “Yesterday’s Glitter” some people Rouchang turn unrequited love, earn a lot of the audience to tears. Twenty years later, together again, Damian unique ancient and modern appearance, Liza acting challenge, breakthrough “strong woman” image, the first interpretation of the ordinary woman’s extraordinary encounter. Housewife Lin Hao snow because a traffic accident, a full coma for two years. As more time passes, snow white snow family also began to feel awake slim chance, so we are also getting used to not have a mother and wife in the side day, but quietly beside blessing. The eldest daughter Qing-home is the only snow still hold firm attitude regarding awakening people, that only the mother woke up, they were truly a reunion. But Hao Hao snow snow husband in marriage Kee fans flourishing years, there have been around for many years alongside a partner and confidante Zhao Zhuolin. While Kee decided to quietly waiting around for many years Lynn sharing a name like ,, snow was miraculously revived. After many years of snow waking coma need to re-learn everything essential life skills, but in this juncture, the snow also found her husband in his many years in a coma during this period has also been a confidante. Hao snow had tried to win her husband back, but then she decided to let go, and again began to learn independent living and re-join the workforce. In contrast, the snow husband Sun Xueqi, done after his heart surgery, for a significant change from the philosophy of life; in the past, he always cause for the heavy, ignoring the feelings of the family and spending time after recovering from illness, made him realize the family plays an important role. Daughter celebrate family is able to understand, relieved mother insisted the decision to divorce, she came to feel that she has over the years worked hard to undermine efforts to maintain the family. Due to accept the fact that their parents divorced, celebrate family chose to escape, chose to leave home. Their children and grandchildren to celebrate together because it is the only son, was placed under the company his father to work, hoping to inherit the mantle of the future together. But Qing Qi interest in this, but on a strong interest in fashion styling. Why women celebrate family welcomes willful self, the pursuit of romantic love, is the home of the first married a wife, a mother who. Quiet family for twenty years, and the aftermath of sudden major changes, all these, it really makes white snow since independent life? Regards and learn whether you really get an understanding family? A car accident changed one family woke up, hi, is sad . . . Or she began another life

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