He And His Son (C-Drama) (2014) (00 Sub | 36 Raw)

    He And His Son (C-Drama) (2014) (00 Sub | 36 Raw)
  • Title : He And His Son (C-Drama) (2014) (00 Sub | 36 Raw)
  • Alternative Title(s) : He And His Son / 半路父子
  • English Subtitles: No
  • Number of Episodes: 36
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): October 13, 2014
  • Summary:

    Luo Jianjun hundred days, when his son went to prison, his wife also ran, sixteen years old mother with a grandson, when the army was released from prison, her children, he is old, fortunately, a few even in the case of four Top Ten to a woman fall in love with their Jiang Xin, they each think the other is to make themselves happy man after the rest of my life. Opposition parties against the family, bold and confidently form a new family. However, Jiang Xin was found to terminal cancer, Luo Jianjun decided to get married; They get a marriage license from starting that day, the family is not at peace: Jiang Xin’s son Gaomai not like the stepfather, continue to stir up trouble for the break up of this new home Health and non; marriage, Gaomai indirectly depriving son into the juvenile detention Jianjun, Luo Jianjun’s mother hated for Gomez, sworn. After the death of Jiang Xin, for a man of responsibility and commitment to adhere to, Luo Jianjun assume regarded him as an enemy of the following sub-rearing responsibilities, there have been discouraged, disappointed, had to give up shaken, and ultimately to his great love thawed out high Mai heart of ice. This is halfway to establish a real father and son father and son love

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