Good Wife 101 (C-Drama) (2014) (00 Sub | 31 Raw)

    Good Wife 101 (C-Drama) (2014) (00 Sub | 31 Raw)
  • Title : Good Wife 101 (C-Drama) (2014) (00 Sub | 31 Raw)
  • Alternative Title(s) : Good Wife 101 / 幸福36计
  • English Subtitles: No
  • Number of Episodes: 31
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): September 18, 2014
  • Summary:

    Play, Luo Jin played 童小麒 and 焦俊艳 shanhun Lee played 33 days after the smell of rain fell in love, and thus be stunned partners around the small, old partners in order to quell conflicts within the family, the couple studying “Thirty-Six” and Yan Jing school, Du Yuan old couple had worked hard, played dozens of rounds, the final harvest two generations a better life. “Happy 36 meter” does not rely on his father importune, staged a palace scheming-law, Xiao San swoop family emotional relationship to demonize China Bo ratings, but by the protagonists true emotion, true wisdom business life. One of the biggest features drama, is the great wisdom of the ancient Chinese organic into daily life, “fake crazy not insane,” “sneak”, “Lidaitaojiang” …… Only you can not think, do not play with less than. The offer is being called when the offer.

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