Kurofuku Monogatari (J-Drama) (2014) (0 Sub | 8 Raw)

    Kurofuku Monogatari (J-Drama) (2014) (0 Sub | 8 Raw)
  • Title : Kurofuku Monogatari (J-Drama) (2014) (0 Sub | 8 Raw)
  • Alternative Title(s) : Kurofuku Monogatari / Black Suit Story
  • English Subtitles: No
  • Number of Episodes: 8
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): 2014-Oct-24 to 2014-Dec-12
  • More Info: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Kurofuku_Monogatari
  • Summary:

    Ogawa Akira is a student who has failed medical school entrance exams twice and is retaking it for a third time. His father is a doctor and his parents yearn for him to enter medical school. One day, he happens to encounter the beautiful hostess Kyoko. It is love at first sight for him. Because of this, he goes into the Ikebukuro nightclub where Kyoko is the top hostess, and starts working as a black-suited staff member. Inexperienced in the ways of the world and naive, Akira starts to learn about the harshness of living in the nightlife and begins to change.

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    Kurofuku Monogatari (J-Drama) (2014) (0 Sub | 8 Raw), 8.0 out of 10 based on 19 ratings

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      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep01.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9P
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep02.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9Q
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep03.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9R
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep04.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9S
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep05.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9T
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep06.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9U
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep07.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9V
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep08_Finale.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9W


      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep01.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9X
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep02.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9Y
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep03.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9Z
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep04.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9a
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep05.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9b
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep06.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9c
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep07.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9d
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep08_Finale.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9e


      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep01.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9f
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep02.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9g
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep03.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9h
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep04.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9i
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep05.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9j
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep06.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9k
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep07.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9l
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep08_Finale.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9m


      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep01.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9n
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep02.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9o
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep03.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9p
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep04.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9q
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep05.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9r
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep06.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9s
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep07.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9t
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep08_Finale.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9u


      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep01.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9v
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep02.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9w
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep03.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9x
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep04.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9y
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep05.mkv      adf.ly/wSL9z
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep06.mkv      adf.ly/wSLA0
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep07.mkv      adf.ly/wSLA1
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep08_Finale.mkv      adf.ly/wSLA2


      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep01.mkv      adf.ly/wSLA3
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep02.mkv      adf.ly/wSLA4
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep03.mkv      adf.ly/wSLA5
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep04.mkv      adf.ly/wSLA6
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep05.mkv      adf.ly/wSLA7
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep06.mkv      adf.ly/wSLA8
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep07.mkv      adf.ly/wSLA9
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep08_Finale.mkv      adf.ly/wSLAA


      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep01.mkv      adf.ly/wSLAB
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep02.mkv      adf.ly/wSLAC
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep03.mkv      adf.ly/wSLAD
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep04.mkv      adf.ly/wSLAE
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep05.mkv      adf.ly/wSLAF
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep06.mkv      adf.ly/wSLAG
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep07.mkv      adf.ly/wSLAH
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep08_Finale.mkv      adf.ly/wSLAI


      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep01.mkv      adf.ly/wSLAJ
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep02.mkv      adf.ly/wSLAK
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep03.mkv      adf.ly/wSLAL
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep04.mkv      adf.ly/wSLAM
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep05.mkv      adf.ly/wSLAN
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep06.mkv      adf.ly/wSLAO
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep07.mkv      adf.ly/wSLAP
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep08_Finale.mkv      adf.ly/wSLAQ


      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep01.mkv      adf.ly/wSLAR
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep02.mkv      adf.ly/wSLAS
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep03.mkv      adf.ly/wSLAT
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep04.mkv      adf.ly/wSLAU
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep05.mkv      adf.ly/wSLAV
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep06.mkv      adf.ly/wSLAW
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep07.mkv      adf.ly/wSLAX
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep08_Finale.mkv      adf.ly/wSLAY


      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep01.mkv      adf.ly/wSLAZ
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep02.mkv      adf.ly/wSLAa
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep03.mkv      adf.ly/wSLAb
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep04.mkv      adf.ly/wSLAc
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep05.mkv      adf.ly/wSLAd
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep06.mkv      adf.ly/wSLAe
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep07.mkv      adf.ly/wSLAf
      Kurofuku_Monogatari_Ep08_Finale.mkv      adf.ly/wSLAg

      GD Star Rating
      Kurofuku Monogatari (J-Drama) (2014) (0 Sub | 8 Raw), 8.0 out of 10 based on 19 ratings

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