The Summer of Our Graduation 我们毕业的夏天 [C-Movie] (2014)

    The Summer of Our Graduation 我们毕业的夏天 [C-Movie] (2014)
  • Title : The Summer of Our Graduation 我们毕业的夏天 [C-Movie] (2014)
  • English Subtitles: No
  • Number of Episodes: 1
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): 2014-08-29
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    (Google Translation) Department of gifted performers Zhang Chong (Wu Jianfei ornaments) silent crush small summer beauty school beauty (Zhang Ni ornaments) more than a decade, but suffer from their own hair and blue little brother Kai (Zhang Di ornaments) girlfriend, but only the love deep inside. The day before graduation, Blue Kai find Zhang Chong, mysteriously want their help to think of a rhetoric: he wants to tell a small summer break! The reason is that he plays with the “nanny” female man at the rehearsal of Shakespeare good on the small summer already fatigued! Do not know how to say angry abnormal difficulties Zhang Chong a time dilemma, but a congregation Pro will graduate buddy, girlfriends style all their own, beautifully! HAO Fei Song of God fine points system (large Zhang ornaments) to campus employers big BOSS (Kenneth Tsang ornaments), broadcasting system literary men (Blue Bird Flying Fish ornaments), Meng super geek dad (Hong Jiantao ornaments) as the representatives of various busy students, teachers and parents before graduation intertwined accidentally! Students in the summer of that particular encounter with a “couple separated in different places, postgraduate employment choices, future prospects confused, piercing sadness, ideal for musical dedication, naked wrestling cup painted sheets, sell Meng and other crazy graduation photo graduation memorial” graduation attitudes, there you have me, is our “youth group portrait,” love is not ended, the youth do not finish, wanton crazy once. Graduation, “long-suffering” of students who use their own unique way to commemorate the most youthful, open the future!

    表演系才子张冲(吴建飞饰)默默暗恋校花美女小夏天(张嘉倪饰)十数年,但苦于其是自己发小兄弟蓝凯(张迪饰)的女朋友而只能将真爱深藏内心。毕业前一天,蓝凯找到张冲,神秘地要其帮忙想个说辞:告诉小夏天他要分手!原因是他在彩排莎士比亚戏剧时跟扮演“奶妈”的女汉子好上了,对小夏已经审美疲劳!气愤异常又不知如何说出苦衷的张冲一时间左右为难,而一众临将毕业的哥们、闺蜜们各出奇招,粉墨登场!以精分系歌神郝飞(大张伟饰)、校园资方大BOSS(曾江饰)、播音系文艺男(青鸟飞鱼饰)、网虫超级萌爸(洪剑涛饰)等为代表,各种忙碌的同学、老师和家长,在毕业前阴差阳错地交织在一起! 同学们在那个特殊的夏天遭遇着“情侣异地分离、考研就业抉择、未来前程迷茫、撕心裂肺不舍、为音乐理想执着、裸奔摔杯绘床单、卖萌毕业照等疯狂祭奠毕业”的毕业百态,这里有你也有我,是我们的“青春群像”,爱情不落幕,青春不散场,放肆疯一次。毕业典礼,“历经磨难”的学子们用自己最独特的方式来纪念青春、开启未来!

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