Fushin no Toki (J-Drama) (2006) (RAW)

    Fushin no Toki (J-Drama) (2006) (RAW)
  • Title : Fushin no Toki (J-Drama) (2006) (RAW)
  • Alternative Title(s) : Time of Distrust ~ Women's Wars ~ / 不信のとき〜ウーマン・ウォーズ〜
  • Number of Episodes: 12
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): 2006-Jul-06 to 2006-Sep-21
  • More Info: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Fushin_no_Toki
  • Summary:

    Asai Michiko is a 28-year old housewife. Her husband is 38-year old Yoshio, who works at an advertisement agency. Five years into their marriage, Michiko finds out that Yoshio has been having an affair. Michiko visits the woman and begs her to break up with Yoshio. “Yoshio mentioned that he doesn’t see his wife as a woman,” she says, bringing Michiko to tears.
    Nogami Machiko is a 31-year old woman who works at a luxurious nightclub in Ginza. She is told by her lover whose child she bears, “Get an abortion.” She too, is brought to tears.
    Three years later… Since her husband’s affair, Michiko, now 31, has put every effort forward to become the adorable wife by studying the latest trends and fashion.
    Machiko, now 34, is an employed owner of a Ginza nightclub.
    One day, Okinaka Kazuko moves in across from the Asai family. She is there to take care of the house while her sister and her family are living in Osaka. Alone and lonely, she hopes to become close friends with Michiko.
    Koyanagi Shingo, Yoshio’s client and president of a middle-sized company, takes Shingo to a luxurious Ginza nightclub after dinner. It’s Machiko’s club. Machiko has had feelings for Yoshio since he started visiting her establishment. When Shingo rises from his seat to leave, Yoshio does the same. But Machiko holds him back. “There’s an annoying customer at another table. Can you stay a little longer for me?”
    After leaving the club, Shingo heads downtown to visit 18-year old Ito Mayumi who sings and plays the guitar. Although Shingo has a wife and a nearly adult-age son, all he can think about is his young lover.
    After finishing work, Machiko takes a taxi home with Yoshio. Machiko’s apartment is just a station away from Yoshio’s. In the taxi, Machiko spills coffee on Yoshio’s suit. “We should clean this up immediately” she says and invites Yoshio in. Yoshio can’t hold back his feelings as Machiko seduces him.
    Meanwhile, Michiko has reunited with Kondo Kei, a 26-year old calligrapher who was formerly a student of Michiko’s father, a master in calligraphy…
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