Mr. Right Wanted 徵婚啟事 [TW-Drama] (2014) (00 SUB | 20 RAW) (Completed)

    Mr. Right Wanted 徵婚啟事 [TW-Drama] (2014) (00 SUB | 20 RAW) (Completed)
  • Title : Mr. Right Wanted 徵婚啟事 [TW-Drama] (2014) (00 SUB | 20 RAW) (Completed)
  • Alternative Title(s) : Zhēnghūn qǐshì
  • English Subtitles: No
  • Number of Episodes: 20
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): 2014-11-07 to 2015-01-09
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  • Summary:

    Li Hai-Ning is an editor-in-chief of Da Guo Min publishing company. She’s been in a 9-years relationship with her boyfriend, Cheng-Hao but their relationship had been slowly transitioning into a flat and dull state.3 years ago, she was scouted by another company and brought Cheng-Hao with her, leaving a major publishing company for a new company. However, aside from Cheng-Hao’s books, other works of this company is not making any profit. But now, even the sales of Cheng-Hao’s books are slowly becoming stagnant. Just when she is planning for Cheng-Hao’s new book which is about online marriage-seeking, she discovered several scandals about Cheng-Hao. In a fit of anger, she decided to break out of this predicament and handle the new book by herself, by becoming the protagonist of the book. Thus, she who have no plans of marriage started to look for marriage candidates. She wrote, “Female, 32 years old. Looking for men who are upright, kind and willing to communicate. Hoping to be friends first before marriage.” This whole situation whereby marriage is a pre-requisite is like a mirror reflecting the various states of love. She saw many kinds of people and also discovered that she doesn’t truly understand what love is all about. Among the various kinds of 100 candidates, Hai-Ning learnt many things about love: responsibility, promises, missed chances, betrayal, passion… In the end, will she be able to meet true love through this act of marriage-seeking?

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