My Father Is a Hero 给爸爸的信 [C-Movie] [HK-Movie] (1995)

    My Father Is a Hero 给爸爸的信 [C-Movie] [HK-Movie] (1995)
  • Title : My Father Is a Hero 给爸爸的信 [C-Movie] [HK-Movie] (1995)
  • Alternative Title(s) : Jet Li's The Enforcer / Letter To Daddy / The Enforcer
  • Hardsubbed or Softsubbed: Hardsubbed
  • English Subtitles: Yes
  • Number of Episodes: 1
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): 2 March 1995
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  • Summary:

    Kung Wei (Jet Li), a police officer of the People’s Republic of China, was assigned to spy on a group of gang members planning terrorism in Hong Kong. Despite his worries about his sick wife, who suffered severe asthma, and his beloved eight-year-old son Ku Kung (Miu Tse), a martial arts student, Wei’s duty keeps interfering with his familial relationship.

    Wei is partnered with Darkie, a gang member who formerly worked for a gang leader named Po (Yu Rongguang). Wei and Darkie escape from prison to meet with Po in Hong Kong. Wei is inducted into the gang and participates in an arms deal with foreign criminals. Utilizing a ruse to steal the bombs and keep the money in Po’s hands, Wei volunteers to wear a bomb-laden vest to facilitate the operation. The recent operation attracts the attention of an off-duty Hong Kong detective Anne Fong (Anita Mui), whose boyfriend, Inspector Cheng, was taken hostage. Fong volunteers herself as a hostage exchange and attempts to foil the operation with an attempted suicide, but Wei intervenes in disabling the vehicle and escaping the scene. Utilizing a photo of Wei that was taken before the arms deal, Fong heads to Beijing to find out his true identity. Back in Beijing, Ku was teased by school bullies, claiming that his father is a criminal, leading to a physical confrontation with them. Fong befriends the Wei family, and deduces Wei’s role as a police officer. During her time with the family, Mrs. Wei suffers from a fatal asthma attack, and requests Fong to deliver a letter to Wei, and charges her with taking care of Ku.

    Anne and Ku planned to travel to Hong Kong by speed boat, informing Inspector Cheng of her recent findings. However, against Fong’s wishes, Cheng files a case of Ku missing, which attracts publicity from local media and results in a break-up between the couple. When Ku noticed a police cruiser in front of Fong’s apartment, Ku escapes and is picked up by Po. Meanwhile, Wei attempts to sneak in Fong’s apartment to recover Ku, but is confronted by Fong before receiving his wife’s final letter. Wei is reunited with his son at the gang penthouse, but fakes Ku’s death with a special choke before he is dumped inside a trash bag. Wei covertly informs Fong of Ku’s whereabouts as a Plan B in case he fails to save him. Wei attempts to rescue Ku, only to find out that Po deduced Wei’s identity as a cop, since Wei was too skilled compared to the rest of his gang. Wei gets into a losing fight with Po until Fong’s intervention. While Fong gives Wei medical care, Ku was recovered by Darkie before Wei’s attempted search.

    The next day, Po debriefs his gang on planting bombs at an antique auction where the rich would carry loads of cash onto a barge. There are six bombs placed in specific locations with a security camera marking its place. The video would be transmitted to security tapes at a source. The gangs are restricted from firearms but provided with tonfas instead and also the tickets to access on board. As a means of tying up loose ends, Po and his gang raid Darkie’s house-boat, having suspected his role in recovering Ku. Darkie manages to hide Ku from Po’s sight before being mortally wounded. During his dying moments, Darkie gives Ku the full information of Po’s scheme, and gives a mobile phone to contact Wei with. Utilizing a beeper number that Wei gave him before his assignment, Ku informs Wei and gives him information of the bombs’ individual location. However, before the final bomb could be defused, the batteries of the mobile phone run out.During the auction, Po attempts to rob the crowd, only to be interrupted by Wei and Ku.

    A large melee battle pits the father and son duo against Po and his men. The pair score a victory against Po’s men. Po on the other hand turned the tables on both of them, eventually holding Ku hostage by choking him. Ku uses his breathing exercise to delay the choke until Fong intervenes by shooting Po aboard a helicopter. Fong and Wei try to evacuate Ku off the boat via the helicopter, but Po arms the timer of the last bomb and pins Wei down with a chain while Fong and an unconscious Ku escape. Wei eventually gets out of the pin and knocks Po out, narrowly escaping the boat’s explosion and reuniting with Fong and Ku.

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