[email protected] F0g (Movie) (2014)

    Se@ F0g (Movie) (2014)
  • Title : [email protected] F0g (Movie) (2014)
  • Alternative Title(s) : Haem00
  • Hardsubbed or Softsubbed: Softsubbed
  • English Subtitles: Yes
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): August 13, 2014
  • Summary:

    The 69-ton fishing vessel fails to catch as much fish as its crew had hoped. To make more money, the crew decides to smuggle thirty illegal immigrants into Korea. But things don’t go according to plan when the vessel  encounters heavy fog, rain and waves on its return journey, while also being chased by a ship from the South Korean Maritime Police. On orders from the captain, several crew members hide the illegal immigrants inside the fishing tank, where they are in danger of suffocating to death. Amid the chaos, the youngest crew member tries to protect a young female migrant whom he’d fallen in love with.

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    [email protected] F0g (Movie) (2014), 8.3 out of 10 based on 10 ratings

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      Duration: 1 hours 51 minute

      File Size:  409 MB

      Resolution: (960 X 400p) ~ approximately 540p

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      gimchi-seafog2014.720p.mkv.001      adf.ly/1KlmkR
      gimchi-seafog2014.720p.mkv.002      adf.ly/1KlmkP
      gimchi-seafog-2014-dvdrip-xvid-ac3-zoom-english-subtitle.rar      adf.ly/1KlmkO


      gimchi-seafog2014.720p.mkv.001      adf.ly/1KlmkS
      gimchi-seafog2014.720p.mkv.002      adf.ly/1KlmkT
      gimchi-seafog-2014-dvdrip-xvid-ac3-zoom-english-subtitle.rar      adf.ly/1KlmkU


      gimchi-seafog2014.720p.mkv.001      adf.ly/1KlmkV
      gimchi-seafog2014.720p.mkv.002      adf.ly/1KlmkX
      gimchi-seafog-2014-dvdrip-xvid-ac3-zoom-english-subtitle.rar      adf.ly/1KlmkW


      gimchi-seafog2014.720p.mkv.001      adf.ly/1Klmka
      gimchi-seafog2014.720p.mkv.002      adf.ly/1KlmkZ
      gimchi-seafog-2014-dvdrip-xvid-ac3-zoom-english-subtitle.rar      adf.ly/1KlmkY


      gimchi-seafog2014.720p.mkv.001      adf.ly/1Klmkc
      gimchi-seafog2014.720p.mkv.002      adf.ly/1Klmke
      gimchi-seafog-2014-dvdrip-xvid-ac3-zoom-english-subtitle.rar      adf.ly/1Klmkd


      gimchi-seafog2014.720p.mkv.001      adf.ly/1Klmkh
      gimchi-seafog2014.720p.mkv.002      adf.ly/1Klmkg
      gimchi-seafog-2014-dvdrip-xvid-ac3-zoom-english-subtitle.rar      adf.ly/1Klmkf


      gimchi-seafog2014.720p.mkv.001      adf.ly/1Klmkj
      gimchi-seafog2014.720p.mkv.002      adf.ly/1Klmki
      gimchi-seafog-2014-dvdrip-xvid-ac3-zoom-english-subtitle.rar      adf.ly/1Klmkk


      gimchi-seafog2014.720p.mkv.001      adf.ly/1Klmkm
      gimchi-seafog2014.720p.mkv.002      adf.ly/1Klmkl
      gimchi-seafog-2014-dvdrip-xvid-ac3-zoom-english-subtitle.rar      adf.ly/1Klmkn


      gimchi-seafog2014.720p.mkv.001      adf.ly/1Klmkp
      gimchi-seafog2014.720p.mkv.002      adf.ly/1Klmko
      gimchi-seafog-2014-dvdrip-xvid-ac3-zoom-english-subtitle.rar      adf.ly/1Klmkq

      Encoded and Uploaded by: HiyeE
      Raw Video Version: 720p BluRay x264-WiKi
      Encoded Format: MKV
      Resolution: 480p

      Download Links:

      Sea.Fog.2014.480p.BluRay.x264.AAC-HiyeE.mkv – 370.0 MB


      Format : mkv
      Resolution : 720p (x265)
      Duration : 110 Min
      Size : 528 MB
      Subtitle : English (Selecetable in the video)
      Encoder : mahdigh

      Screenshot From Movie

      Download Link : j.gs/6t0Y

      GD Star Rating
      [email protected] F0g (Movie) (2014), 8.3 out of 10 based on 10 ratings

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