The P|an Man (2014) (Movie)

    The P|an Man (2014) (Movie)
  • Title : The P|an Man (2014) (Movie)
  • Hardsubbed or Softsubbed: Softsubbed
  • English Subtitles: Yes
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): January 9, 2014
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  • Summary:

    Jeong-seok is a librarian who is obsessive-compulsive and must set plans for everything. Unable to get along well with others due to such a personality, he falls for a convenience store worker who is much like him. Jeong-seok sets up a ‘plan’ to confess his feelings for her and goes, but the free-spirited So-jeong is there instead. So-jeong, a member of an indie band, later makes a song about how ‘The P|an Man’ lives. She even asks him to enter a singing auditions program together. Will Jeong-seok be able to break out of his shell and face the world?

    GD Star Rating
    The P|an Man (2014) (Movie), 9.4 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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      GD Star Rating
      The P|an Man (2014) (Movie), 9.4 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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