The Conspiracy (HK-Drama) (1987) (00 Sub | 18 Raw)

    The Conspiracy (HK-Drama) (1987) (00 Sub | 18 Raw)
  • Title : The Conspiracy (HK-Drama) (1987) (00 Sub | 18 Raw)
  • Alternative Title(s) : The Conspiracy / 飲馬江湖
  • English Subtitles: No
  • Number of Episodes: 18
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): 1987
  • Summary:

    Martial arts vibe, “Jia Lan by note” but Wu Xueqi book. Thus, in order to compete in this arena in the book triggered a reign of terror. Name Xia Chang Wu Cheng Guangyuan addicted crazy, like a country in Wan Pirates “Jia Lan by Note” half of the country ‘s Daughter encounter sand Fei Lai (Au Pui Shan). They fall in love, Sha Fei Lai Wu Xueqi decided to take this book and Guangyuan elope. Shenxianjuanlv should have been a pair, but Guangyuan day into martial arts fans in the cold Fei Lai. Fei Li angrily, against practicing “Jia Lan by note” in the martial arts formulas, away from home. Such formulas can break down the body cultivation practice, the more honest people; backwards practice but it will obsessions, it is fierce and big hair. As a result, the two had a positive and evil. Often a generation Ru Xia Guangyuan, everyone praised. The Monster Princess Korea has become a generation, everyone feared. Guangyuan often received Truong moved to the believers, Xuecheng way down, encounters a girl (Lau Mei Kuen ornaments) in the river dance, a glimpse of her at first sight. Girl is in Fort Dragon dancers love dancing madness. Fort unintentionally ran back less baozhu Tu Chen, Xu dark heart since then. But she also knew the two men standing disparity can not be together.

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