Interpol (HK-Drama) (1997) (00 Sub | 20 Raw)

    Interpol (HK-Drama) (1997) (00 Sub | 20 Raw)
  • Title : Interpol (HK-Drama) (1997) (00 Sub | 20 Raw)
  • Alternative Title(s) : Kwok Jai Ying Ging / Guo Ji Xing Jing / Interpol
  • English Subtitles: No
  • Number of Episodes: 20
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): 1997
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  • Summary:

    Hong Kong’s “Interpol” Superintendent DUAN Xiang Ren (paragraph Wyler) man slowly, with a distinct personality staunch hot men. Although he sometimes nagging and pushy, but whenever men in distress, he could be liable for the coach, contact Interpol over the world, through their power to make men escape from danger, so the collapse of criminal groups, so Jen deep respected by his men, for their lives.
    Interpol, the most active in Hong Kong and Chen Yong are seeking extraordinary kitten (Eddie Kwan), has been learning since birth against the harsh environment of a cat, never give up on work and love are totally aggressive, but in a tracing Japan Gangs control the use of economic crisis, government conspiracy, the understanding of the female hunting valley Quanzai Japanese underworld leader (Kristy), two occurred affection, beloved cat being awarded a lifetime when Unrestraint originally Quanzai use cat heartbroken, from love prohibitive. On the job, and the cat has never bitten chord flower seeds Interpol’s Luo Yan (Sheren Tang) is Girls Hero, independent aggressive, but very emotional, often dissatisfied cat on the passion, that he was too Jiao rub, Non-yourself category. But in handling the case, if the two can be put down prejudices, there really is a very good partner, doing things the same emphasis on speed, serious investment, repeated meritorious deeds office. In addition, emotional way, the words are many twists and turns. Because the case needs to Taiwanese investigators made no statement citrate subsections encounter uninhibited Taiwan Interpol Yellow River water (Damian), both along the course of time had become a right, Chennai may be ex-wife of the re-emergence of the river, two feelings helpless draw rest. And after the death of his ex-wife, they thought they could continue leading edge, but why fate, river unfortunate death. Emotional torment suffered by the cat’s words continue to develop solutions and comfort, had become a familiar, even unknowingly have feelings, but a cat has declined made friendship, because cats find themselves terminally ill, fear once the disease, will make the words more sad.
    Others highlighted the danger of partners, including the willpower over the letter, Yang Point (Linwei Chen), a cynical Xu Fei (Wu Yan Ye) and personality, but foolishly thinking fine exhibition Ji Cheng (Alex). Among the best point marksmanship, but with fly up to friction, perhaps because both attitude of mutual extremes. But the two men continued cooperation by gradually becomes sympathetic, complement each other companions, until fly unfortunately killed when pro point vowed to take the killer to make the highest tribute on the fly. Point in the life on the road, never only knew black and white, but in dealing with the Thai drug lords Queensland Green (Norman Tsui) case, give him a great impact, because he found that the police believe the felon blue, for family, friends, Emotion Shigeyoshi, point When undercover approaching green, more became very good friends with mutual respect, as well as the world at this point I discovered the original gray area ……
    As Ji was sent to the mainland handling a particular arrangement with extraordinary skill undercover in firewood (Ken Lo) and female public Anhachali (Li Shuxian) cooperation is. A stern and upright does not make the Li Ji very much, but after the detection of drug cartels, the two dream of surprise, it became a good companion to the envy of others.
    In order to maintain law and order, police have extraordinary intelligence and advanced equipment to assist, destroy transnational crime syndicates, criminals to justice, development and human truth of things unfortunately encountered often surprising, sometimes even close friends do not know the original Mandu dense enclosure being carried out horrific crime plan, but what faith they continue to hold up despite pitfalls, will turn a blind road of life, the shoulder eliminate criminals mission?

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