[email protected] Spring (2003)

    D@sert Spring (2003)
  • Title : [email protected] Spring (2003)
  • Alternative Title(s) : Desert Spring / The Fountain of the Desert / Oasis / 사막의 샘 / Sa mak ui Saem
  • Hardsubbed or Softsubbed: Softsubbed
  • English Subtitles: Yes
  • Number of Episodes: 3
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): 2003-Dec-17 to 2003-Dec-19
  • More Info: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Desert_Spring
  • Summary:

    The three-episode wartime drama lays out a heartwrenching tale of love and betrayal backdropped by a very important period in modern Korean history, spanning from the Japanese Occupation of the 1940s to the American Occupation of postwar Korea. Song Il Kook gives a moving performance as a hot-blooded young man whose life and love are tested by the violence and turbulence of the time. Directed by Lee Eun Kyu, who has also directed hit dramas like Delicious Proposal, Forever Yours, and Into the Sunlight, the drama co-stars popular actress Jang Shin Young (The Road Home, Winter Bird), as well as Lee Hyung Chul (On Air, Over the Rainbow) and Lee Jung Gil (Inside the White Tower).

    After running away from an arranged marriage, In Hee (Jang Shin Young) eventually becomes a radio announcer and a governess working for Young Jin (Lee Jung Gil), who supports the Japanese government. At the radio station, she encounters saxophonist Gi Hyun (Song Il Kook), whom she crossed paths with three years ago on her ill-fated wedding day. The two fall in love, but Gi Hyun soon discovers that his father’s murderer is none other than In Hee’s benefactor, Young Jin.

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    [email protected] Spring (2003), 8.5 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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      Desert_Spring_DVDRip_Complete_English.rar      adf.ly/lLWVS
      Desert_spring_e01_kor_031217_dvdrip.mkv      adf.ly/lLWVT
      Desert_spring_e02_kor_031218_dvdrip.mkv      adf.ly/lLWVU
      Desert_spring_e03_end_kor_031219_dvdrip.mkv.001      adf.ly/lLWVV
      Desert_spring_e03_end_kor_031219_dvdrip.mkv.002      adf.ly/lLWVX


      Desert_Spring_DVDRip_Complete_English.rar      adf.ly/lLWVZ
      Desert_spring_e01_kor_031217_dvdrip.mkv      adf.ly/lLWVb
      Desert_spring_e02_kor_031218_dvdrip.mkv      adf.ly/lLWVd
      Desert_spring_e03_end_kor_031219_dvdrip.mkv.001      adf.ly/lLWVe
      Desert_spring_e03_end_kor_031219_dvdrip.mkv.002      adf.ly/lLWVf


      Desert_Spring_DVDRip_Complete_English.rar      adf.ly/lLWVg
      Desert_spring_e01_kor_031217_dvdrip.mkv      adf.ly/lLWVh
      Desert_spring_e02_kor_031218_dvdrip.mkv      adf.ly/lLWVi
      Desert_spring_e03_end_kor_031219_dvdrip.mkv.001      adf.ly/lLWVj
      Desert_spring_e03_end_kor_031219_dvdrip.mkv.002      adf.ly/lLWVk


      Desert_Spring_DVDRip_Complete_English.rar      adf.ly/lLWVl
      Desert_spring_e01_kor_031217_dvdrip.mkv      adf.ly/lLWVm
      Desert_spring_e02_kor_031218_dvdrip.mkv      adf.ly/lLWVn
      Desert_spring_e03_end_kor_031219_dvdrip.mkv.001      adf.ly/lLWVo
      Desert_spring_e03_end_kor_031219_dvdrip.mkv.002      adf.ly/lLWVp


      Desert_Spring_DVDRip_Complete_English.rar      adf.ly/lLWVq
      Desert_spring_e01_kor_031217_dvdrip.mkv      adf.ly/lLWVr
      Desert_spring_e02_kor_031218_dvdrip.mkv      adf.ly/lLWVs
      Desert_spring_e03_end_kor_031219_dvdrip.mkv.001      adf.ly/lLWVu
      Desert_spring_e03_end_kor_031219_dvdrip.mkv.002      adf.ly/lLWVw


      Desert_Spring_DVDRip_Complete_English.rar      adf.ly/lLWVy
      Desert_spring_e01_kor_031217_dvdrip.mkv      adf.ly/lLWVz
      Desert_spring_e02_kor_031218_dvdrip.mkv      adf.ly/lLWW0
      Desert_spring_e03_end_kor_031219_dvdrip.mkv.001      adf.ly/lLWW1
      Desert_spring_e03_end_kor_031219_dvdrip.mkv.002      adf.ly/lLWW3


      Desert_Spring_DVDRip_Complete_English.rar      adf.ly/lLWW4
      Desert_spring_e01_kor_031217_dvdrip.mkv      adf.ly/lLWW5
      Desert_spring_e02_kor_031218_dvdrip.mkv      adf.ly/lLWW8
      Desert_spring_e03_end_kor_031219_dvdrip.mkv.001      adf.ly/lLWW9
      Desert_spring_e03_end_kor_031219_dvdrip.mkv.002      adf.ly/lLWWA


      Desert_Spring_DVDRip_Complete_English.rar      adf.ly/lLWWB
      Desert_spring_e01_kor_031217_dvdrip.mkv      adf.ly/lLWWC
      Desert_spring_e02_kor_031218_dvdrip.mkv      adf.ly/lLWWE
      Desert_spring_e03_end_kor_031219_dvdrip.mkv.001      adf.ly/lLWWF
      Desert_spring_e03_end_kor_031219_dvdrip.mkv.002      adf.ly/lLWWG


      Desert_Spring_DVDRip_Complete_English.rar      adf.ly/lLWWH
      Desert_spring_e01_kor_031217_dvdrip.mkv      adf.ly/lLWWJ
      Desert_spring_e02_kor_031218_dvdrip.mkv      adf.ly/lLWWK
      Desert_spring_e03_end_kor_031219_dvdrip.mkv.001      adf.ly/lLWWL
      Desert_spring_e03_end_kor_031219_dvdrip.mkv.002      adf.ly/lLWWM


      Desert_Spring_DVDRip_Complete_English.rar      adf.ly/lLWWP
      Desert_spring_e01_kor_031217_dvdrip.mkv      adf.ly/lLWWQ
      Desert_spring_e02_kor_031218_dvdrip.mkv      adf.ly/lLWWR
      Desert_spring_e03_end_kor_031219_dvdrip.mkv.001      adf.ly/lLWWS
      Desert_spring_e03_end_kor_031219_dvdrip.mkv.002      adf.ly/lLWWU


      Desert_Spring_DVDRip_Complete_English.rar      adf.ly/lLWWV
      Desert_spring_e01_kor_031217_dvdrip.mkv      adf.ly/lLWWW
      Desert_spring_e02_kor_031218_dvdrip.mkv      adf.ly/lLWWX
      Desert_spring_e03_end_kor_031219_dvdrip.mkv.001      adf.ly/lLWWZ
      Desert_spring_e03_end_kor_031219_dvdrip.mkv.002      adf.ly/lLWWa


      Desert_Spring_DVDRip_Complete_English.rar      adf.ly/lLWWb
      Desert_spring_e01_kor_031217_dvdrip.mkv      adf.ly/lLWWc
      Desert_spring_e02_kor_031218_dvdrip.mkv      adf.ly/lLWWd
      Desert_spring_e03_end_kor_031219_dvdrip.mkv.001      adf.ly/lLWWe
      Desert_spring_e03_end_kor_031219_dvdrip.mkv.002      adf.ly/lLWWf

      GD Star Rating
      [email protected] Spring (2003), 8.5 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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