At The Threshold Of An Era I (HK-Drama) (1999) (00 Sub| 50 Raw)

    At The Threshold Of An Era I (HK-Drama) (1999) (00 Sub| 50 Raw)
  • Title : At The Threshold Of An Era I (HK-Drama) (1999) (00 Sub| 50 Raw)
  • Alternative Title(s) : At The Threshold Of An Era I / Chong Sai Gei / Chuang Shi Ji
  • English Subtitles: No
  • Number of Episodes: 50
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): 1999
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    At the Threshold of an Era (Chinese: 創世紀) was a Hong Kong epic drama series broadcast by TVB Jade Channel from October 11, 1999 to December 18, 1999 and March 13, 2000 to May 26, 2000, and was extensively promoted by TVB as its cross-milliennium, one-hundred-episode-long epic. The series composed of two parts, with a gap in between the airing.
    The entire series took place in a continuing flashback, with one of the main characters pondering the trials and tribulations he went through while riding on a train in the “green city” he developed.
    The drama documents the rise and fall of three entrepreneurs, who founded Lik Tien Century Construction (力天世紀) together to achieve the ultimate goal of developing a pollution-free city in Hong Kong. Vendetta and love serves as strong subplots throughout the series, with the vendetta between two families being the most prominent.
    The stories covered a span of 20 years, from 1990 to 2010, and featured many technologies that came to age during this time, including the nascent internet, and a bulkier tamaguchi virtual pet device (shown as a device similar to Game Boy in the series), which was developed by one of the entrepreneurs before his entry into construction.

    Yip Wing Tim (Gallen Lo), lived all life wanting to avenge his father, who spent a few years in jail due to an architectural misdeed that he and his brother, Yip Hau Lai (Chun Pui) had done during the 70s. Tim believed that it is his uncle that caused the demise and torture of his family. Tim’s ambitious personality allowed him to step on other people to reach to the top, but he was fortunate to have two best friends, Ma Chi Keung (Roger Kwok) and Hui Man Biu (Sunny Chan) to tolerate his immoral deeds and help him form a real estate company. But, along the way, due to his selfish personality, he indirectly caused many unfortunate events and incidents that caused the destruction of his best friend, Hui Man Biu, character and the deaths of the parents of his other best friend, Ma Chi Keung.

    Hui Man Biu, a straight, honest, and moral person, he chose not to participate in the corrupt dealings of the real estate business, but somehow, fate forced him into a small corner and repelled with a murder and from then on, his view of life and the people around changed. He not only used people to become powerful in the real estate business, but he also, in some cases, unnecessarily killed them. He even betrayed his best friends and did all sorts of evil deeds, but in the end, he tried to redeem himself, but is it too late?

    Ma Chi Keung, although innocent and very gullible, is a decent and generous man, who always cherishes his friendship with Tim and Biu. Only when he discovered the truth behind the deaths of his parents did he questioned his friendship with them, but in the end he found it in his heart to forgive both Tim and Biu, but it was already too late.

    And what about the ladies? There were basically three women who were involved with Tim romantically and they are Wing Yan (Kenix Kwok), Helen (Flora Chan), and Ting Ling (Ada Choi). Tim somehow hurt these three ladies when they all whole-heartedly loved them. He had a brief affair with Ting Ling, but left her in Taiwan and never contacted her again, of course, she was forgiving and wasn’t angry with him. With Wing Yan, Tim actually loved her, but he chose his work over her and believed that he wouldn’t be a good boyfriend. Helen loved him deeply and even though she was married, she still loved him, which led to her divorce. She doesn’t mind him using her all the time and still stood by his side, even though she knew that Tim only loved Wing Yan, who was married to Biu.

    Besides the characters above, there were also Yip Wing Hang (Nicky Wu) and Pang Chi Wai (Maggie Siu), who early on was Biu’s girlfriend. Joe had always been after Tina, but she denied him many times because she was still in love with Biu. However, after being used by Biu, she realized that Joe was the one who cared for her and didn’t mind her using him and she accepted his love. However, their happy times were not long when they were kidnapped on their boat. This was a plot to get rid of Joe and was directed by his second brother and Biu. Would the two of them survive and continue their short-lived romance? Watch part 2 and you’ll find out!

    Fong Kin Ping (Lisa Wong) was Helen’s mother, but she divorced her husband due to his many extra marital affairs and married Yip Hau Lai. She is clear-minded and sharp in business and usually aids her husband in his business. She is also a caring and loving mother to her daughter.

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