Lord of Imprisonment (TW-Drama) (1997) (00 Sub | 17 Raw)

    Lord of Imprisonment (TW-Drama) (1997) (00 Sub | 17 Raw)
  • Title : Lord of Imprisonment (TW-Drama) (1997) (00 Sub | 17 Raw)
  • Alternative Title(s) : Lord of Imprisonment
  • English Subtitles: No
  • Number of Episodes: 17
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): 1997
  • More Info: http://www.spcnet.tv/Taiwanese-Dramas/Lord-of-Imprisonment-review-r1859.html#.UzSKqPl_vkw
  • Summary:

    This is only first part. The whole series contains 4 parts. All the stories are related and you see the evolution of relationship along. The story takes place in kind a rural town where lot’s of troubles happen. That day, in an inn, a woman gives a fan to the owner’s daughter and tells her the fan is very precious. Then she leaves with lots of money and tells she’ll come back. The owner, a middle-aged woman, Mrs. Hoi, and her daughter, Hoi Tong, have the feeling that the woman is waiting for someone.

    As for Tong Lam (Adam Cheng), he is on his way to this rural town. On his way, he finds woman’s clothes, like if a woman got raped. Also, on the way for the town, there’s a chariot with some people in : a doctor and his daughter, Yuk Chi, a cook and his daughter, Yen Tam Lang, etc. They got attacked by some barbarians, but luckily, Tong Lam arrives and saved everyone. Yen Tam Lang tags along him during almost the whole series, they kind of become friends.

    Tong Lam’s main goal is to find his wife. Actually, Tong Lam is a well-known police officer. So the judge of the town proposes for his help. After meeting Yuk Chi, Tong Lam finally finds some clues about his wife’s whereabouts. She is in another village, but when they go there, there’s only ruins left. Everything had been burnt. Tong Lam, for many days, tried to find clues, whether his wife is alive or not.

    Soon, the town encounter a new case : a dead body is found and it’s missing the head. Adam also takes part in the investigation which doesn’t please all the 3 head of police of the town. Adam especially cares about this case, because he is afraid that the woman body could be his wife. So during almost the whole series, they try to find the head of the dead-body.

    Also, there’s an official that is searching for the fan. He is willing to give a very big amount of money to get it back-it seems pretty important. Also, when he met Adam, he shows interest in Adam’s sword, but Adam refuses to sell it. It’s only in a part of the series, when Yuk Chi and Hoi Tong are suspected in a murder case, so these 2 young women ran into the mountains and only the official knew where they went, so to know, Adam has to exchange his sword for the information.

    Also, something strange is that Yen Tam Lang, the funny guy that didn’t seem to be serious has great kung fu. And even more special is that Mrs. Hoi also knows great kung fu. Also, Mrs. Hoi is preoccupied because she has been receiving letters with a drawing of a lotus flower.

    During the series, you could see that Hoi Tong and Yuk Chi, who are very closed friends, both are falling in love with Adam. Finally, near the end, the dead woman case is solve. The woman was raped and after that killed by a barbarian. Adam has successfully arrested the barbarian and he has found the head. After analyses, Yuk Chi’s father is convinced that the dead woman wasn’t Adam’s wife.

    The official comes back in the town and he takes control of it. First thing the official does is to put Adam in jail, then tries to kill him, and he also released the barbarian that Adam has captured, because actually, the official has hired this barbarian and his 2 brothers to kill someone. The reason is that the official is the man of a very important, but bad, ‘minister’. He wants to find the fan, because it contains the secret that could destroy this ‘minister’ life. And the official wants to kill Chiu Mo Key, because he is involved in the plans against the ‘minister’. Chiu Mo Key is a great general, but for some reason, he got exiled. Yen Tam Lang was one of his men, when he heard that the official wanted to kill Chiu Mo Key, he tries to find a way to rescue him. The general then told him that he has to find the fan, because of the secret. So Yen Tam Lang went to steal the fan in the judge’s house : the fan was given to Yuk Chi by Hoi Tong, because Yuk Chi is a jade appraiser, so she knows how precious it is. Then Yuk Chi gave it to her master (her master and father always argue, they were both in love with her mother, and even if she had died, they are still in love with her and still continue to argue, but actually, they cared for each other a lot). During the series, her master’s house was burnt and he was kidnapped. As for the fan, well it was handed to the judge, that was why the judge has the fan. Anyway, when the official learn that Yen Tam Lang has stolen the fan he is furious, so he put in jail some police officer and claimedd that they would be executed unless Tam Lang gives back the fan.

    As for Chiu Mo Kei, he had arrived in the town safely, using some tricks. He met Hoi Tong and turns out he is the man that the woman who got killed was supposed to meet. This woman was the daughter of another minister… Anyway, Chiu Mo Kei is related to Hoi Tong, he seems to care for her a lot. He had came once and had already met Hoi Tong. When Hoi Tong announces to her mother Chiu Mo Kei’s arrival, Mrs. Hoi seemed very emotional. She is wondering why the general has made a detour to come by the town and guess it was to say goodbye to Hoi Tong. When Mrs. Hoi met Chiu Mo Kei, she was very happy and kneeled. She greeted him and turns out Chiu Mo Kei is the husband of the princess. Anyway, the 3 barbarians attacked, they want to kill Chiu Mo Kei… The general is injured, but hopefully, Yen Tam Lang arrived in time to save him and brought him to Yuk Chi’s house. Then they hide themselves in the secret cave. Also, Yuk Chi tries to reproduce a similar fan to save Adam. As for Hoi Tong, she is captured and kept in the police station. They want to know what she knows about Chiu Mo Kei.

    Mrs. Hoi went to rescue Hoi Tong and reveals Hoi Tong’s real identity. Mrs. Hoi was only the princess’s maid. The princess and Chiu Mo Kei loved each other and the princess got pregnant, but the king wouldn’t let Chiu Mo Kei comes back from battles. Finally, she gave birth to a baby girl and then, she hanged herself. The king was so angry that he wanted to kill the baby, but Mrs. Hoi ran away with her and got to the town. So Chiu Mo Kei is Hoi Tong’s father. Anyway, Mrs. Hoi rescued Hoi Tong with the help of some beggars.

    As for Yuk Chi, she had finally reproduced another fan and gave it to Yen Tam Lang. Yen Tam Lang and the official are supposed to make an exchange : the fan for Tong Lam and 2 other police officers. Yen Tam Lang used the real fan to attract the official, but when Tong Lam got released, he passed the real fan to Tong Lam and gave the false one to the official. Of course, after, the official wouldn’t let them go, but Yen Tam Lang used Chiu Mo Kei plaque to scare them, so no soldiers tried to stop them.

    Tong Lam finally fought against the official and of course, he lost, so Tong Lam regained his sword. Then after, Tong Lam, Mrs. Hoi and Hoi Tong went to Yuk Chi’s house and Hoi Tong finally get to hug her father.

    Soon after, Yen Tam Lang and Chiu Mo Kei left…. As for Tong Lam, he was supposed to go search for his wife, but they finally found a clue that proved she was dead, so Tong Lam decided to stay in the town and become the head police officer.
    End of first part.

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