It’s A Long Way Home (HK-Drama) (1984) (00 Sub | 20 Raw)

    It’s A Long Way Home (HK-Drama) (1984) (00 Sub | 20 Raw)
  • Title : It’s A Long Way Home (HK-Drama) (1984) (00 Sub | 20 Raw)
  • Alternative Title(s) : It’s A Long Way Home / Jia You Jiao Qi / Ga Yao Giu Chai
  • Summary:

    Two young couple play ornaments You Jiaqi ( Tony Leung) and Pan Jingwen ( Lan Jieying ornaments ) , Ren Wenli ( Ray Lui ) and Shao Jijun ( Carol Cheng ornaments ) .
    Qi Jingwen home and were HKU and Polytechnic graduates , the future is full of beautiful dream , we have a perfect plan , hoping to lay the foundation for economic and career in the next few years, then married and single-family ; that knowledge home Qi suddenly families to emigrate , two in the case of no hasty decision to get married , marriage then face a series of problems. In their careers , two very different experiences , the initial cause of frequent frustrations home Kee ; while Jingwen then have a superior job , then it becomes the male inside the home, women outside
    Situation ; , and later, to find a home in a vocational Qi , calm thought that life would be gone , and that knowledge is mature, glamorous Farrer ‘s intervention almost makes this young couple relationship leads to divorce .
    Another drama couple is邵纪君with任文立, for they are an officer of the same division floor , while Ji -jun is the type of career women , arrogant ; Wen Li Ji -jun fight with the promotion, in desperate after Kuangzhui Ji Jun succeed , that leaves Ji Jun, Ji Jun hit and personality change .. ? ? Wen Li Farrer generated for the pursuit of affection , emotions affected due to work and make big mistakes were dismissed Company . After a major setback , Wen Li Ji Jun deeply to afford , then Ji -jun reconciled with the desire to do everything possible , and Ji -jun also increased from the beginning to the middle of Wenli fond , finally agreed to a total plunge . Marriage as the most important cause of the two begin with , less time to spend getting emotional cracks , to save the marriage, only to abandon the cause of Ji -jun also concentrate on mothers to take care of the family .

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