Catch Me Now (HK-Drama) (2008)

    Catch Me Now (HK-Drama) (2008)
  • Title : Catch Me Now (HK-Drama) (2008)
  • Alternative Title(s) : Catch Me Now / 覆雨翻雲 / Fuk Yue Fan Wan / Fu Yu Fan Yun / Do Yik Yau Do (Dao Yi You Dao)
  • Hardsubbed or Softsubbed: Hardsubbed
  • English Subtitles: Yes
  • Number of Episodes: 20
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): 2008-Apr-21 to 2008-May-16
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  • Summary:

    A sum of drug money triggers a battle of wits between Kong Yeung (Joe Ma) and Ko Chit (Damian Lau), a detective and a thief. Yeung gradually discovers the true identity of Chit, who is the mastermind behind a series of robberies. However, Chit only steals to help the poor. Despite all efforts, Yeung lacks sufficient evidence to support allegations against Chit. Nevertheless Yeung keeps a close eye on Chit and believes in the ultimate triumph of good over evil. Yeung’s devotion to his work sours his relationship with his wife Hong Mei-Lei (Fala Chen). Fortunately, Lei is given support and encouragement by her best friend Bao Yung-Yung (Idy Chan). Chit is deeply attracted to Yung’s kind-hearted personality. He even risks exposing his secret identity to save her life. There is a choice between love and ideal…

    This is a modern day Robin Hood story about a gang of thieves led by Ko Chi and comprising Ben Tam, Hau Lo, Keyman and Long Leg Crab. These five take justice and law in their hands because they believe that the police is not always successful in nabbing the bad guys who are on the wrong side of justice and law. These “Robin-Hood” thieves successfully thwarted many corrupt deals.

    Kong Yeung, a policeman who stands for justice and the law, is in complete opposition to Ko Chi’s stand. Initially, not in full concert and understanding of Ko Chi’s ways, he tried to nab him for what Kong perceived as wrong. However, as Kong gets to know Ko better he tends towards Ko’s thoughts but he still insists that things must be set right and be upheld by the police.

    Ko Chi and Chiu King Shum’s “relationship” goes back a long way when Ko’s parents were killed in a fire that was set up by Kong. From that point on, and since the law cannot take Kong under its hands, Ko set out to be a modern day Robin Hood. Years later, Ko has to deal with King Shum’s son, Chiu Kwan Ho.
    For “robbing the rich to help the poor” Ko Chi and his buddies set up a charitable organisation from where they put part of the stolen money to good use, for example, building schools in rural Chinese villages. In their conscience, these thieves believe that they are doing good in society.

    This series therefore sees a tussle between one group of people who upholds justice and one group who fights crime by taking action that they deem right. On the romance front, there is the tussle about loving someone with righteous character and aligned with moral standards that are set by society versus loving someone whose thoughts, ideas and actions differ from society’s norms. After all, thieves, ordinarily in the eyes of society, can never be good people. They ought to be placed in prison. Cops and robbers belong to different worlds.

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