The Wrath Of Vajra (2013) [C-Movie]

    The Wrath Of Vajra (2013) [C-Movie]
  • Title : The Wrath Of Vajra (2013) [C-Movie]
  • Hardsubbed or Softsubbed: Hardsubbed
  • Number of Episodes: 1
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    In the 1930s , a Japanese cult called The Temple of Hades was ordered to cooperate with the Japanese military to destroy China. They buy so many young children from poor family , who will be trained as a lethal killing machine and serve the Empire of Japan. One of them is Vajra , who was forced by his captors to fight for the food , and accidentally causing the death of his brother. Several years later , Vajra grown up and become one of the biggest killer in the Hades sect. Vajra escapes to China and joins Shaolin , where he receives spiritual enlightenment and determined to support China against Japan.

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