Aishiatteru Kai! (J-Drama) (1989) (RAW)

    Aishiatteru Kai! (J-Drama) (1989) (RAW)
  • Title : Aishiatteru Kai! (J-Drama) (1989) (RAW)
  • Alternative Title(s) : Are You in Love? / 愛しあってるかい!
  • English Subtitles: No
  • Number of Episodes: 10
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): 1989-Oct to 1989-Dec
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  • Summary:

    Fubuki is a young female teacher in a girl’s college. Being quite new, she’s unexperienced in many ways, eg. advising students on love problems. However, she gets to know three male teachers from a nearby boy’s college one day, and these three people are playing as crazily as their students. They go after girls, … and behave very differently from what a teacher should behave. Though as such, they’re in fact good teachers, who always stand by their students, and help them out in every way they can. This gradually changes Fubuki’s poor impression of them and touches her heart. –Snowflakes

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