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    Tr@fFick3rs (2012)
  • Title : [email protected] (2012)
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    Young-Gyu (Im Chang-Jung) is a former leader of a human organ trafficking group, but after the death of a member he has quit the group. Since that time, Young-Gyu has become a broker for smuggled goods from China. He has also fallen in love with Yoo-Ri (Jo Yoon-Hee), a ticket agent at the local international port terminal.

    Meanwhile, Yoo-Ri’s father (Choi Il-Hwa) is gravely ill and needs an organ transplant. She turns to the black market and goes to Dong-Bae (Shin Seung-Hwan), a loan shark and an organ dealer.

    Dong-Bae, knowing that Young-Gyu loves Yoo-Ri, calls him in for a meeting and asks Young-Gyu to do a job for him. Young-Gyu doesn’t want any part of it, but when he learns Yoo-Ri has turned to Dong-Bae, he decides to take the job. Young-Gyu then reforms his old team and they board a ship for Qingdao, China.

    Meanwhile, Sang-Ho (Daniel Choi), who works as an insurance agent, takes his wife Chae-Hee (Jung Ji-Yoon) on a cruise ship to Qingdao, China. Sang-Ho’s wife is also the target of Young-Gyu’s crew, who plan on kidnapping her and removing her organ before they land in China.

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    [email protected] (2012) , 9.6 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

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    • This movie is not for weak hearted viewer.  Contains violent scene and lot of bloods.


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      GD Star Rating
      [email protected] (2012) , 9.6 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

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