H0wling 하울링 [K-Movie] (2012)

    H0wling 하울링 [K-Movie] (2012)
  • Title : H0wling 하울링 [K-Movie] (2012)
  • Alternative Title(s) : 하울링
  • Hardsubbed or Softsubbed: Hardsubbed
  • English Subtitles: Yes
  • Number of Episodes: 1
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): February 16, 2012
  • More Info: http://goo.gl/n5Z5xO
  • Summary:

    H0wl!ng (Hangul: 하울링; RRHaullingMRHaŏulring) is a 2012 South Korean film written and directed by Yoo Ha based on the 1996 novel The Hunter (凍える牙 lit. “Freezing Fang”) by Japanese writer Asa Nonami.

    Mapo districtSeoul. Middle-aged police detective Jo Sang-gil (Song Kang-ho), a single father with a young son and daughter, is assigned the seemingly straightforward case of a man, Oh Gyeong-il, who set fire to himself inside a car. Chafing at his lack of promotion after so long on the police force, but under pressure from his boss-cum-friend (Shin Jung-geun), he also grudgingly agrees to work with rookie detective Cha Eun-young (Lee Na-young), a 30-year-old divorcee who has just been transferred from motorcycle patrol duty. The dead man, who had drugs in his system, has a large dog-bite on his thigh but no fingerprints. The police discover the immolation was not suicide but was triggered by a timer in the victim’s trouser belt. Sang-gil traces the sex club the victim had visited but bawls out Eun-young when she makes an amateurish error during a fight. Against protocol, Sang-gil omits to file reports on the progress of the case, as he wants to earn all the kudos himself and thereby a promotion. His boss finds out, just as a second victim, Nam Sang-hun, is found bitten to death by a large dog or wolf. After talking to dog-trainers, the police learn the man they need to see is Min Tae-shik, a retired police dog trainer who lives with his drug addict daughter; during a raid on his house, Min escapes and a wolf-dog subsequently kills a woman in the backstreets. Eun-young starts questioning police-dog trainers, as well as investigating those missing or dead, and comes up with the name of Kang Myung-ho, who supposedly committed suicide a while ago. She sets off to investigate on her own

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