Chakushin Ari : Final (J-Movie) (2006)

    Chakushin Ari : Final (J-Movie) (2006)
  • Title : Chakushin Ari : Final (J-Movie) (2006)
  • Alternative Title(s) : One Missed Call: Final / One Missed Call 3: Final
  • Hardsubbed or Softsubbed: Softsubbed
  • English Subtitles: Yes
  • Number of Episodes: 1
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): 2006
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  • Summary:

    The film begins with a short prologue showing a student named Asuka Matsuda who recalls her experiences of being bullied. She approaches another student named PAM who chose to hang herself in the school after receiving similar treatment. However, PAM is subsequently saved by the school janitor and is taken to the hospital in a state of coma.

    Emiri Kusama is a high school student who takes a school graduation trip with her friends to South Korea. Meanwhile, Asuka is in her bedroom, not participating in the trip and instead plans to take vengeance against her friends for bullying her and PAM. She chooses Azusa Kusuki as her first victim through clicking a school photo in her computer, which causes Azusa to receive a phone message accompanied by a photo showing her hanged, though nor she and her friends felt worried at all. When the class arrive at South Korea, they split up in which Emiri meets with her boyfriend An Jinu, a deaf teacher at a school for the disabled. Azusa is separated from her friends in a walk through the market and she is subsequently killed when she is mysteriously hanged.

    Teruya Mikami is the next to receive the message, though this time it is accompanied with a text “death can be forwarded”. He refuses to believe in anything and eventually died through electrocution. When other students begin to receive the same message accompanied with the “forward” notes, they race to forward it to their friends, saving them at the expense of their friends. Emiri decides to call Asuka to stop her, though she tells her that she won’t stop until she can take her revenge. Emiri and Jinu briefly search the internet about Mimiko Mizunuma, a girl who died of asthma and now is spreading cell phone curse. While Jinu tells that PAM might have awoke from her coma and is now working with Asuka to spread the curse, Emiri tells him that PAM is actually a nickname for Asuka (shortened from SPAM, referring to her status) and that it is really Asuka who had tried to commit suicide and went on coma, exposing the current Asuka as her impostor.

    After more deaths have happened, Emiri confesses that she is the one who has made this happened, as she is actually the one who was bullied first, but her best friend Asuka intervened, causing the bully’s target to switch to her. However, Emiri did nothing to intervene as she is afraid to be bullied again. Jinu advises her to apologize to Asuka for her wrongdoings. She does so, and the real Asuka awakes from coma while the fake Asuka is revealed to be Mimiko’s ghost. Jinu then tells that since the curse is sourced from Asuka’s computer, they could overload its inbox with mails to destroy it. The two then begin to send emails to it with the help of their friends, who spread the news through South Korea and Japan. While Emiri and Jinu are sending mails, the lights turn off, so Jinu goes away to fix it. While waiting for Jinu, Emiri’s computer suddenly connects with Asuka’s computer and the real Asuka happens to come home right when it connects. The two share an emotional conversation until Mimiko intervenes, causing both to be transported to their school at different place.

    Emiri races to find Asuka while Asuka is tormented by the ghosts of her dead friends until she meets Mimiko. Emiri finds the two just as they are about to jump off the building. She recalls her promise with Asuka that they will go to the shore together and tells Mimiko she is willing to become her victim instead. Just as Mimiko is about to kill Emiri, Asuka’s computer is overloaded and finally destroyed, causing both Emiri and Asuka sent back to their original place. As Emiri and Jinu part their ways, Jinu secretly takes Emiri’s phone (which still has the curse), causing him to be killed instead while Emiri watches in shock.

    Several months later, Asuka and Emiri are walking to the shore. Emiri has become catatonic due to the shock she got from Jinu’s death. Asuka then tells that they finally made it to the shore, just as promised.

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