Divas in Distress 巴不得媽媽 [C-Drama] [HK-Drama] (2012) (Completed)

    Divas in Distress 巴不得媽媽 [C-Drama] [HK-Drama] (2012) (Completed)
  • Title : Divas in Distress 巴不得媽媽 [C-Drama] [HK-Drama] (2012) (Completed)
  • Alternative Title(s) : A Chip Off the Old Block II
  • Hardsubbed or Softsubbed: Hardsubbed
  • English Subtitles: Yes
  • Fansub: Other
  • Number of Episodes: 22
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): 27 August – 23 September 2012
  • More Info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Divas_in_Distress
  • Summary:

    In the past (approximately the 50s-60s) Fung Hun Man (Chung King-fai) was a famous writer, producer, and actor in the early days of Hong Kong cinema. During his youth, he adopted two girls and had them become sisters-in-training: Sheung Ying Hung (Liza Wang) and Miu Sing Ho (Gigi Wong). Both girls were groomed into the path of becoming actresses and the two maintained a lifetime rivalry over each other’s successes both on and off the stage. At the height of their career, Miu Sing Ho suffered a severe auto accident that affected her ability to walk. Due to her disability, she was unable to continue acting and was forced to retire; she was looked over and Sheung Ying Hung took her place and risen to the top of stardom and became very successful. Distraught, angry, and unable to accept her fate, Miu Sing Ho transferred much of her frustrations over her “sister”, Sheung Ying Hung, and blamed her for taking away her success and fame.

    In between this time and unknown to the girls, their master, Fung Hun Man, developed a secret romantic relationship with a budding actress, Ching Yeuk Chan (Mimi Choo). While they kept their relationship a secret, Ching Yeuk Chan steadily grew tired of their secret relationship. One day, Ching Yeuk Chan discovered she was pregnant, but after overhearing the conservative and non-supportive chatter of her lover amongst other men, she realized he couldn’t be relied on and decided to run off with a rich man. Before running off, she gave birth to a son, So Kei (Koo Ming Wah), and gave away the boy to Sheung Ying Hung’s lifetime personal assistant, Deneuve So Lo Wah (So Yan Chi), and So Kei would end up growing up under Sheung Ying Hung’s family for the latter of their lives and Vincent’s best friend.

    Time had passed, but their rivalry continued even after getting married and having children. Sheung Ying Hung had two kids, Chak Ding Yum (older sister) and Vincent Chak Yau Sing (Him Law); her husband is not known. Sheung Ying Hung’s husband had been missing on a trip and was presumed dead after being missing for many years; she raised her kids along with So Kei (who grew up to be very metro-sexual, straight, but thought to be gay by many) for most of their lives. Miu Sing Ho eventually married a house renovator, Chong Kan Sau (Henry Lee) and had a son, Chong Ka Long, aka “Yi Long San”, (Chin Kar-lok). Their worlds would collide again when Chak Ding Yum and Yi Long San (both reporters) would become romantically involved.

    Sheung Ying Hung didn’t respect Yi Long San, she saw him as a poor choice of her daughter’s, but the couple wouldn’t be denied and decided to marry with or without Sheung Ying Hung’s permission. In a battle of pride, Sheung Ying Hung never bothered to attend the couple’s marriage and left them to their own devices until Ding Yum died. Ding Yum secretly had a heart condition that she kept from everyone. She wanted to grant Yi Long San’s wish of having a child together and it cost her life. Sheung Ying Hung would blame Yi Long San for Dim Yum’s death for many years to come, but the one redeeming thing they could all salvage out of this tragedy was raising the baby, Michel Chong Man Sai (Tong Chi Fai).

    The story actually begins with both sides of the family actively competing custody over Michel. On top of their long term rivalry, Sheung Ying Hung and Miu Sing Ho actively fought for the attention and future of their mutual grandson. With Yi Long San often trapped in the middle, he is often subjected to great difficulties in maintaining peace between both his mothers as well as maintain a relationship with his son without Sheung Ying Hung’s overbearing righteous nature intervening. In between the bickering and the health scares with Michel (often causing Sheung Ying Hung to tighten her control over Michel), two situations began to develop: the buddy romances between Hannah (Eliza Sam) & Yi Long San and Kwai Yi Hei & Vincent.

    Vincent is a well-established designer and CEO of his own company (due to the backing of his mother). When he assigned Kwai Yi Hei (Yi Long San’s cousin, played by Mandy Wong) to renovate in one of his open office areas, he was disgusted by her smell and tomboyish looks; things would later change when he fell in love with her abilities. Kwai Yi Hei is also a talented spray paint artist and Vincent unknowingly fell in love with the Banksy-style HK art that she did while he was searching for meaningful art. Only after learning the truth that Kwai Yi Hei is the actual artist that he began to develop strong feelings for her and began using strong-arm tactics to extend the length of the renovation project in order to spend more time with her. After a series of fights with Vincent, So Kei quietly explained to Kwai Yi Hei that Vincent cares about her and that he has risked his health (he’s a sensitive asthmatic) and career for the sake of her. Eventually, the two finally recognized each other’s feelings and began secretly seeing each other, but not without the ire of Vincent’s mother.

    Sheung Ying Hung’s self-righteously believed that Kwai Yi Hei is a lower-class person and not worthy of Vincent; she also believes Hannah isn’t worthy of Yi Long San as well. Because of Sheung Ying Hung’s disapproval to either relationships, this created a rift in the pair’s own relationship. Yi Long San maintained a platonic, but obvious signs he cares for Hanna and Kwai Yi Hei constantly shows hesitation in moving their relationship forward.

    Meanwhile, Yi Long San (a news reporter and cameraman specialist) had a rough encounter with Hannah (daughter of Ching Yeuk Chan and So Kei’s younger half-sister). Although Hannah is heir to a vast fortune, she wishes to become a great reporter and started an investigation about Sheung Ying Hung and Miu Sing Ho. It was her mission to uncover the dark secrets of the duo in their glory days and also dug up gossip to attract ratings. However, her quest nearly accidentally cost the life of Michel and Hannah eventually dropped the investigation. However, she ended up working together with Yi Long San as a reporter-cameraman duo and started to get closer. As the two gotten closer, Sheung Ying Hung took notice of Yi Long San’s potential love interest and even though she always claimed he was never worthy of her daughter, she made him swear that he would be eternally loyal to her dead daughter. However, even though he maintained a platonic and professional relationship with Hannah, Yi Long San’s actions prove he cares for Hannah more than just a friend.

    Ultimately, this caused pain and suffering around everyone and Sheung Ying Hung eventually learned (by eavesdropping) that she’s not liked for her past decisions, including the fact that her daughter might have lived if she wasn’t so controlling and elitist over her decisions. Feeling hurt and insulted, she made an excuse to go off on a trip, but secretly stayed at a HK Buddhist monastery to sort things out; in combination of learning the wisdom from the Buddhist monks and finally being self-aware of her actions led to so many negative outcomes, both her mind and body suffered great stress and caused her to be physically and mentally ill. By chance, Kwai Yi Hei was present at the monastery, doing probation work after a mishap with the law. Seeing how Vincent’s mother was suffering, she contacted Vincent in hopes to retrieve Sheung Ying Hung home. However, Vincent’s mother was being stubborn over the matter and he let her off to her own devices until she ended up in the hospital and eventually returned home.

    In between, Vincent took this chance to try to win Kwai Yi Hei’s heart, but she remains distant. After getting in trouble with the probation officer for submitting an improper journal entry, Vincent discovered Kwai Yi Hei has a literacy disability; she relies on her personal “picture code” system to convey her thoughts on paper. To understand more, Vincent looked for Kwai Yi Hei’s uncle for answers; through her uncle, Vincent learned that Kwai Yi Hei used to be very rebellious and dated a troublesome boyfriend. When he committed a crime, he convinced Kwai Yi Hei to take the fall and promised to marry her after she’s released; she believed in her boyfriend and heartedly agreed to take the fall. Sadly, she ultimately found out she was tricked as her boyfriend broke up with her and found someone else while she was in jail.

    The sobering experience straightened her out as a person, but due to a combination of her low self-esteem and literacy complications, she developed a fear of commitment as she feels she’ll eventually be abandoned due to her complications. However, Vincent vowed to prove his loyalty and devotion to her and eventually won her heart once more. After helping her win a raffle trip to Japan, he strong-armed his way to make sure he and Kwai Yi Hei would be on the same trip (he wasn’t originally invited). It was through this trip that Vincent proposed to her; she at first refused, but Vincent eventually won her acceptance.

    Meanwhile, Ching Yeuk Chan has returned to HK to visit Hannah. However, her sudden return made Deneuve nervous. Deneuve thought Ching Yeuk Chan had come back for So Kei, but Ching Yeuk Chan made it clear she returned to visit her daughter, not her long lost son. However, So Kei and Ching Yeuk Chan encountered each and grew close. So Kei eventually learned of his true mother and the two developed a friendly relationship. However, Ching Yeuk Chan still held a grudge against Fung Hun Man and kept both him and her son out of the loop of each other’s identities.

    Fung Hun Man recently discovered Ching Yeuk Chan’s return. Both of them miss each other, but due to their past misunderstandings of why they separated, there was love as well as anger with each other. It was only later when they began heated arguments about each other’s past actions that revealed she had their child. Eventually, Fung Hun Man figured out it was So Kei and the three temporarily accepted each other. Until So Kei developed a relationship with Yi Long San’s boss, a ruthless tomboy chief editor. This formed a rift as Fung Hun Man’s conservative views felt it’s a shameful act for his son to love a “man”, but So Kei eventually learned to understand his father and maintained a mutual respectful relationship since.

    Hannah learned about So Kei and their relations in between all this drama. While she was quick to accept So Kei, she had difficulty accepting her mother was a gold digger and that she married for financial safety. Although Ching Yeuk Chan admitted she married for money first, she explained she learned to love her husband. Although she had an icy disposition against her own mother, Hannah eventually learned to forgive her. However, Hannah’s greatest challenge is with Yi Long San.

    Yi Long San maintained a weak platonic relationship with Hannah. After Hannah got into a car accident, Yi Long San admitted at his wife’s grave that he has been unfaithful as he has feelings for Hannah. After Hannah recovered, she pretended to have lost her memories and even developed an aggressive personality to help make things easier for Yi Long San to self-realize it’s better to move away. However, Yi Long San figured things out and exposed the truth that they care for each other, but Hannah pointed out he’s unwilling to move on due to his dead wife. The final straw for Hannah was when Yi Long San removed her audio cord during a live report. She felt Yi Long San isn’t supportive and constantly puts her aside whenever necessary. Tired of this repetitive cycle, she decided to quit the job and transfer elsewhere as the situation saddens her too much. However, all major plots ended well.

    In the end of the story, everything ends at a happy climax. Vincent was hiding the fact that Kwai Yi Hei’s job (use of paints, chemicals, and plasters that ends up on her clothes) has made his health worse and she only found out later through So Kei. After hearing from So Kei that because of her work had caused Vincent health to decline,Hei decided to retire from carpentry and be a housewife for the sake of their love, but Vincent tried to leave their engagement because he doesn’t want Hei to be sad in the future by insulting her and making her wearing a dress and shoes to the award ceremony. So Kei then arrived to Hei’s uncle shop and tells Hei that vincent has gone to the airport,which makes Hei understand that Vincent done all these stuff to make her happy, so she doesn’t have to give up her job as a construction worker.Then, Yi Long San took Hei to stop Vincent from going to the airport. Hei then ask Vincent why he always make his own decision and why she cant do something for him. vincent tells Hei that saying she is stupid is right because she doesn’t understand what make him love Hei so much.Vincent loves Hei the way she is because her hand is rough, her clothing are so dirty, and she is always wearing that dirty hat and how she is so stubborn.Vincent tells Hei that if she doesn’t have these quailties she would just me a regular housewife and whats the point of marrying her.Hei then explains to Vincent that she has no choice because of his health even through normal contact he already this sick if she srtill work as a construction worker she is scared that he will be very sick one day.Also she tell Vincent that he is breaking his promise because he promised her that he will take her to the tower in Japan andwillhelp her write her name.Vincent then tells Hei that of he not her life its not too much of a problem because when he ask her to marry her she said she has to wait after Doomsday and that he is the one that make Hei to be with him.So,Vincent suggest that they should just break up. As Vincent walks to his car Hei goes to the front and hugs him and put his arm on her waist.Vincent lets goes everytime and the third time that Hei puts his hands on her waist and he holds on tight because he knows that both Hei and him don’t want to lose each other because they still love each other.Both of them are happy, and Vincent kisses Hei on the forehead and they hugged each other again. Hannah’s absence has made Yi Long San realized how much he misses her and after she randomly returned for a news report, covering the 2012 Apocalypse, Yi Long San made it clear he wants to be with her and the two became a cameraman-reporter couple. So Kei and Yi Long San’s boss remains together, happily dancing and enjoying their reverse-gender role relationship. Vincent and Hei are finally engaged and Vincent took her to see pretty skyscrapers that lights up in Hong Kong in the nighttime . Fung Hun Man and Ching Yeuk Chan reunited as a couple after all these years and his lifelong rivaling students found mutual peace with Michel. Sheung Ying Hung realized the error of her ways and no longer opposed Vincent’s relationship with Kwai Yi Hei as she feared she might lose her only son like how she lost her daughter; everyone found peace and balance with each other.

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