Sodom no Ringo (J-Drama) (2013) (00 Sub | 04 RAW – END)

    Sodom no Ringo (J-Drama) (2013) (00 Sub | 04 RAW – END)
  • Title : Sodom no Ringo (J-Drama) (2013) (00 Sub | 04 RAW – END)
  • Alternative Title(s) : ソドムの林檎~ロトを殺した娘たち
  • Hardsubbed or Softsubbed: Softsubbed
  • English Subtitles: No
  • Number of Episodes: 4
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): March 23, 2013 started
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  • Summary:

    The editor Shitara Mari is shocked to hear that Miwa Yoshio, the boyfriend she split up with over a quarrel six months ago, has committed suicide. She also learns that there was another woman at his funeral. That woman’s name is Miyajima Megumi. Bothered that Yoshio had been engaged to Megumi, whom he met through an online dating site, just before his death, Mari poses as a male and registers with the website. She successfully makes contact and when she goes to Megumi’s apartment, she sees her being taken away by the police on suspicion of murdering multiple men after swindling them with the false promises of marriage. Megumi who exudes a distinct air, says she did her best to respond to whatever these men wished for so it was only right that she received money cash or gifts of value in exchange. But if they committed suicide like she alleged in her statement, why did they end their lives when they were at their happiest. As Mari attends Megumi’s trial, she gets completely absorbed in her. In order to find out Megumi’s motive, Mari travels to the island where she was born with sports newspaper reporter Kitano Kengo. Megumi’s home was a community where the descendants of clandestine Christians lived during the Tokugawa period. According to Megumi’s classmate, she had been the “island’s prettiest girl” while in her teens. Mari and Kengo are surprised by the information because it is hard to imagine this from Megumi’s present looks. They also learn about doubts surrounding the relationship between Megumi’s parents and attempt to get close to a childhood friend in an attempt to extract information on her past. What is the reason behind the twist in Megumi’s fate? After a sentence is sought for Megumi, Mari finds a painting in a church on the island. It is of two nude women waiting on an old man. Dreadful misgivings surface from seeing that painting … … Megumi who had received fake love because of her physical beauty, hated that and fixed her face to look ugly. In contrast, Mari thought she was unlovable due to her ugliness and altered her looks. These two women face off against each other as accused and editor.

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