Once Upon a Time in China III 黃飛鴻之三獅王爭霸 [HK-Movie] [C-Movie] (1993)

    Once Upon a Time in China III 黃飛鴻之三獅王爭霸 [HK-Movie] [C-Movie] (1993)
  • Title : Once Upon a Time in China III 黃飛鴻之三獅王爭霸 [HK-Movie] [C-Movie] (1993)
  • Alternative Title(s) : 黃飛鴻之三獅王爭霸
  • Hardsubbed or Softsubbed: Hardsubbed
  • English Subtitles: Yes
  • Number of Episodes: 1
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): 11 February 1993
  • More Info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Once_Upon_a_Time_in_China_III
  • Summary:

    In the late years of the Qing Dynasty, China experiences turmoil as foreigners usurp and erode the sovereignty. To restore national pride and put on a display of the might of Chinese martial arts, the Empress Dowager Cixi and Governor Li Hongzhang decide to stage a lion dance competition, inviting all interested parties from within the country to participate and compete for the title of “Lion Dance King”.

    Wong Fei-hung, accompanied by his romantic interest 13th Aunt and student Leung Foon, arrive in Beijing to visit his father Wong Kei-ying at the Cantonese Association. At the train station, they meet a Russian diplomat called Tomanovsky, who knew 13th Aunt when they were studying in Britain. He starts vying for her attention and annoys Wong, who is disgusted by the Western custom of kissing a woman’s hand. When Wong reaches the association, he learns that his father had been attacked by a wealthy rival martial artist called Chiu Tin-bak and his lackey Clubfoot. Fortunately, Wong Kei-ying only sustains minor injuries, and he decides to give his blessing to his son and 13th Aunt when he notices that they have become closer to each other.

    Prior to the actual competition, all the lion dance troupes that have gathered in Beijing start fighting among themselves and they hold a contest of their own before the actual one. Wong Fei-hung does not participate and instead, spectates. However, unknown to him, Leung Foon and another student have secretly joined the contest out of mischief. They annoy Clubfoot and a short scrimmage between Clubfoot and Leung ensues. Clubfoot’s legs are crushed when Leung accidentally releases a rampage of horses, and Chiu Tin-bak abandons Clubfoot after seeing he is useless. Wong takes pity on Clubfoot, brings him into his home and nurses him back to health. Clubfoot is initially hostile towards Wong, but becomes touched by the latter’s kindness and eventually becomes Wong’s disciple.

    With the help of a film camera given to her by Tomanovsky, 13th Aunt inadvertently uncovers an attempt on Li Hongzhang’s life and learns that Tomanovsky is one of the conspirators. She warns Wong and he joins the competition to foil the assassination attempt. In the final round, Wong, together with Leung Foon and Clubfoot, face off dozens of rival lion dancers as they battle their way to reach the top of a scaffolding. Chiu Tin-bak also joins the contest, carrying a large and deadly lion mask, and fights with Wong for the prize, a gold medal.

    Wong ultimately overcomes Chiu and wins the competition. Meanwhile, Tomanovsky fails to assassinate Li Hongzhang and is shot dead by his fellow Russians, who confirm their suspicions that he is a spy for the Japanese embassy. Wong refuses to accept the gold medal, claiming that his triumph is a Pyrrhic victory, because the contest only leads to more bloodshed, and that every Chinese must play a role to restore national pride. He tosses the medal to Li, turns his back on the governor and walks away.

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