Keizoku 2: SPEC ~Sho~ SP (2012)

    Keizoku 2: SPEC ~Sho~ SP (2012)
  • Title : Keizoku 2: SPEC ~Sho~ SP (2012)
  • Hardsubbed or Softsubbed: Softsubbed
  • English Subtitles: Yes
  • Other Fansub: 1992*4##111 fansubs
  • Number of Episodes: 01
  • Date Aired (YYYY-MM-DD): 2012-04-01
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  • Summary:

    The Public Safety Bureau has set up the Unidentified Crimes Unit a.k.a Mishou in order to investigate special cases which are too much for the First Investigative Division to handle. Mishou has the odd Toma Saya, a genius with an IQ of 201, and Sebumi Takeru, a veteran of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s Special Operations Unit. Against criminals with special powers (SPEC) that ordinary people do not have such as stopping time, reading a person’s mind, foretelling the future, Toma and Sebumi set traps by turning SPEC on them and waging dramatic battles. A relationship of trust emerges between the two of them through their repeated deadly struggles with these SPEC holders, and they succeed in defeating their biggest enemy, but …

    … A year later, when Sebumi, who has taken leave of absence from the Metropolitan Police for eye treatment, returns to Mishou, Ichiyanagi Kenzo and Kikkawa Shu are there. Ichiyanagi has been assigned to be the new head of Mishou in place of the demoted Nonomura Kotaro while Kikkawa was transferred from the Organisational Crime Department. Several days later, a call is placed to Mishou about a bizzare murder case. It was a murder rampage with a machine gun on the streets in broad daylight. The only survivor is a high school girl. Furthermore, that high school girl, Kuon Nozomi, says the criminal who wore black from head to toe, “escaped through teleportation”. Satori’s image is found among the photos of the people involved. Analysing that a fight between SPEC holders had broken out during the day, Toma quickly heads to the police hospital where Nozomi has been admitted. She continues to hide her true intensions deep in her mind. Sebumi who knows about this mind maze, tries to get the real Toma back… [jdramas.wordpress]

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